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Publishers weigh generative AI’s pros and cons during the Digiday Publishing Summit

by Joey De Leon

The Digiday Publishing Summit held in September 2023 was an exciting event that drew attention to various topics in the digital publishing industry. While the third-party cookie was one aspect that received significant discussion, it was clear that artificial intelligence (AI) played a major role throughout the event.

Publishers who spoke at the summit shared their insights and perspectives on how AI can benefit their work. Rather than fearing job displacement, these publishers discussed how AI can actually make their jobs easier and more efficient. They recognized the potential of AI in eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more value-added work.

Charlotte Owen, the editor-in-chief of BDG-owned publications Bustle and Elite Daily, emphasized that the focus of AI should be on the internal work it can help eliminate, rather than entirely outsourcing the core responsibilities of their jobs. This sentiment was echoed by other publishers who attended the summit.

However, while publishers expressed excitement and optimism about the possibilities AI brings, there was also a cautious approach towards fully embracing it. Concerns were raised about how much of their businesses they were willing to expose to AI. The delegation of content creation, in particular, was an area where publishers were hesitant to relinquish control.

The cautious attitude towards integrating AI into content creation is a testament to the value and uniqueness that publishers place on their editorial voice. They understand that AI, while powerful, may lack the nuance and creativity required for producing high-quality content. Maintaining editorial integrity and ensuring that human insight remains an integral part of the content creation process is crucial for publishers.

Overall, the discussions at the Digiday Publishing Summit highlighted the positive impact AI can have on publishers’ operations, by streamlining workflows and reducing mundane tasks. Publishers recognize the potential of AI to transform the way they work, but they also understand the importance of finding the right balance between human expertise and AI assistance.

As the digital publishing industry continues to evolve, it is clear that AI will play a significant role in shaping its future. By embracing AI as a tool to enhance efficiency and productivity, publishers can stay at the forefront of innovation while preserving their unique editorial voice and maintaining the trust of their readers.

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