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Quantum Computing Inc. Selects Tempe, Arizona as the Site for its Quantum Photonic Chip Foundry

by Amelia Ramiro

Quantum Computing Inc. (QCi), a quantum optics and nanophotonics technology company, has announced the selection of ASU Research Park in Tempe, Arizona as the location for its new quantum photonic chips manufacturing facility. The facility will produce Thin Film Lithium Niobate (TFLN) chips, which are known for their scalability and performance advantages such as speed, accuracy, and ultra-low power consumption.

Arizona is a leading semiconductor ecosystem and has a long history of advancing the chip industry. The state has also been at the forefront of optics research and has supported strong research universities interested in exploring quantum computing and related technologies.

The ASU Research Park, hosted by Arizona State University, provides state-of-the-art office and research facilities for numerous tech companies. The park’s existing infrastructure and skilled workforce were key factors in QCi’s decision to choose this location for its new facility.

QCi has already placed deposits for critical long-lead equipment and plans to begin the buildout of the facility in the fourth quarter of 2023. The company expects to commence chip manufacturing operations in the first half of 2024, starting with singly purposed chips and later moving on to mass production of quantum photonics chips with complex nanophotonic circuits.

The company believes it is well-positioned to benefit from the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, which allocated significant federal funding and tax incentives for semiconductor research and manufacturing.

Robert Liscouski, CEO of QCi, stated that the new facility will not only enhance the nation’s manufacturing capabilities but also reduce reliance on foreign chip imports. The chips produced at the facility will serve as the foundation for a new wave of innovative quantum technologies in various fields including data processing, hybrid computing, cryptography, sensing, and artificial intelligence.

The expansion into Arizona is expected to accelerate the time-to-market for QCi’s quantum photonic chips and establish the company as a leading provider in the nanophotonics and quantum optics industry. The move is set to enhance Tempe’s reputation as a technology hub and attract talent to the region.

QCi is an innovative company delivering accessible and affordable quantum solutions with real-world industrial applications. Its core nanophotonic-based technology is applicable to quantum computing, quantum intelligence, cybersecurity, sensing, and imaging solutions. The company aims to deliver quantum solutions with greater speed, accuracy, and security at a lower cost.

The new manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona marks a significant milestone for QCi and represents a strategic initiative for the company. With the strong support and infrastructure available in Arizona, QCi is poised to make a substantial impact in the field of quantum computing and solidify its position as a leader in the industry.

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