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Rebuilt Microsoft Teams app promises twice the speed and half the RAM usage – Ars Technica

by Norman Scott

Microsoft is releasing a fully rewritten version of its popular communication app, Microsoft Teams, for Windows PCs and Macs. The new app promises improved performance and reduced disk space usage, making it faster and more efficient to use.

A preview of the new Teams app was originally released for Windows in March, but the final release covers all types of Teams instances, adds support for features like breakout rooms and third-party app support, and supports macOS.

One of the key improvements with the new Teams app is its performance on Windows systems. Microsoft claims that it is “up to two times faster while using 50 percent less memory” compared to the previous version. This is great news for users who often find themselves using older or underspecced work PCs.

Microsoft credits its Edge WebView2 backend for the improved performance and reduced disk usage on Windows. WebView2 leverages many of the same system files and runtime as the Edge browser built into Windows 10 and Windows 11. This allows for a more streamlined experience and eliminates the need for separate browser files.

The older version of Teams used the Electron framework, which required each app to have its own self-contained version of browser files. This led to increased storage and update requirements. With the new app utilizing the Edge WebView2 backend, Teams can take advantage of the built-in browser files, resulting in a more efficient use of system resources.

While Mac users may not see as significant improvements as Windows users, the new app still offers performance enhancements. These include faster channel switching, improved scrolling performance, optimized resource utilization, and an optimized experience for using multiple high-resolution monitors during calls or meetings.

Users of the current Teams app will eventually be upgraded to the new version in the coming months. Microsoft has also been addressing concerns about its bundling of Teams with other products. In response to complaints and a regulatory investigation, the company has decided to unbundle Teams from its other Microsoft 365 products in Europe. Additionally, the version of Teams built into Windows 11 will be removed from the OS starting this fall.

Overall, the release of the new Microsoft Teams app is good news for users who rely on the platform for communication and collaboration. The improved performance and reduced resource usage will make the app more accessible and efficient for users, regardless of their operating system. Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing the Teams experience demonstrates its dedication to providing quality tools for remote work and collaboration.

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