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Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC: How to solve the lithograph puzzle in Chapter 4

by Amelia Ramiro

Resident Evil 4: How to Solve the Lithograph Puzzle in Chapter 4

In the Separate Ways DLC of Resident Evil 4, players will encounter a puzzle involving lithographs that need to be placed in a specific order to open a hidden door. This puzzle is part of the process of finding ingredients to create new medicine. Here’s a guide on how to solve the lithograph puzzle in Chapter 4.

When you first begin your search for the ingredients, you will come across a wall with two lithographs set in it, along with two empty slots. To proceed, you need to find the other two stone tablets that correspond to the empty slots on the wall. Fortunately, both tablets are nearby and easy to find. One tablet is located in the same room as the lithograph puzzle, while the other is on a desk in a room further down the main hallway.

Once you have obtained both lithographs, return to the puzzle and place the tablets into the empty slots. Each slot has a symbol next to it, some of which may be partially scrubbed off. These symbols correspond to symbols on the lithographs. To solve the puzzle, you need to match the appropriate symbol and also flip the lithographs to the correct colors.

Here are the correct solutions, starting from the top and working clockwise:

– Top: Red fan with square border
– Right: Black umbrella with square border
– Bottom: Black dress with hexagon border
– Left: Red hat with hexagon border

By placing the lithographs in the proper slots and matching the colors, the hidden door will open. Behind the door, you will find a room with an even trickier puzzle that needs to be solved to obtain the first ingredient needed for the medicine.

Resident Evil 4’s lithograph puzzle adds an additional level of challenge to the game and tests players’ puzzle-solving skills. It is a rewarding experience to successfully solve the puzzle and progress in the game.

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Remember to stay patient and analytical while solving puzzles in Resident Evil 4. Utilize your problem-solving abilities to overcome challenges and progress through the game. Good luck!

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