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Retro first-person spellcaster Wizordum for PC launches in Early Access on November 15

by Gamerx Ramiro

Retro-inspired first-person spellcaster game, “Wizordum,” is set to launch in Early Access on Steam for PC on November 15th, announced publisher Apogee Entertainment and developer Emberheart Games. Players can get a taste of the game with a demo that is available now.

The developer of Wizordum, Primoz Vovk from Emberheart Games, expressed his love for fantasy first-person shooter games like Hexen and Heretic from his younger days. He stated that Wizordum combines the essence of classic maze-like brain teasers with modern features, creating a smooth gameplay experience. Vovk also promised that there’s more to come and urged fans to stay tuned.

In Wizordum, players take on the role of one of the last Mages of Wizordum sanctuary. The game is set in a kingdom where the Ancient Seal of Terrabruma has shattered, unleashing chaos and threatening to consume the entire land. As a mage, players must find the source of corruption and eliminate the spawns of chaos.

The Mages of Wizordum are on the verge of extinction, battling against the encroaching mayhem outside their sanctuary. Players are equipped with an arsenal of both steel and magic to fight their way through the Town of Grimbrook, searching for the Source while eliminating any obstacles in their path. Along the way, players can explore hidden areas to find loot, relics, and solve puzzles to gain additional advantages in combat.

The game features a variety of weapons and spells that players can master, such as a skull-crushing mace, rapid-fire ice shards, and the ability to shatter concentrated magic. Players will face off against vile ogres, goblins, restless undead, and monstrous rats in different settings such as cobweb-covered hallways, cemeteries, sewers, labyrinths, and blood-spattered courtyards.

The city of Grimbrook is filled with crumbling buildings, decaying dungeons, and misty harbors that hold secrets for fearless spellcasters to discover. Players can compete for the top spots on the leaderboard by completing the game on tougher difficulty levels, which yield higher scores. Wizordum also offers speedrun-friendly level design for players who want to perfect their skills and achieve the fastest completion times.

Additionally, the game features an in-game level editor, allowing players to design and download custom adventures or even create full-fledged episodes. The original Wizordum soundtrack, inspired by classics such as Ultima and Elder Scrolls, will be available on Apogee Music. The game’s retro option for Roland MT-32 mode adds to the nostalgic experience, and the key artwork has been painted by Denis Loubet, a legendary illustrator from Origin Systems known for his work on Ultima and Wing Commander.

With its unique blend of retro gameplay and modern elements, Wizordum offers a nostalgic experience for fans of classic first-person shooters and fantasy adventures. The game’s Early Access release is eagerly anticipated by players, who can get a taste of its thrilling gameplay with the available demo.

Watch the Early Access release date trailer to get a preview of what’s in store for Wizordum players.

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