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Retro RPG with big new version is like Commandos meets Baldur’s Gate 3

by Kyle Meranda

It’s nine months since Baldur’s Gate 3 launched in full, which means you’re probably on your twentieth playthrough by now. Epic, open, and impelled by choices that have real, tangible consequences, Larian’s opus remains the pinnacle of the genre. But maybe it’s time for something a little different. Finally available in a huge new version, a CRPG, played from the classic, isometric viewpoint of legends like Fallout and Planescape, feels like a fantastical twist on the beloved – and soon to be returning – Commandos series. This is definitely worth a look.

In Dark Envoy, you lead a reluctant group of adventurers through a bleak, conflict-torn world where the forces of magic and steampunk technology are locked in eternal war. An RPG with real-time, tactical combat, during battle, it feels almost like a small-scale RTS, as you mix class-based abilities and character specializations with strategic options presented by the environment.

There are four core classes, which divide into 16 sub-specialties. For the masochists out there – or the devoted fans of FromSoftware, who are eagerly awaiting the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree – there are also five difficulty settings, the utmost of which demands that you “effectively break the system,” according to developer Event Horizon.

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The upgrade system is similarly in depth, and resembles a much easier to use and more readable version of Final Fantasy X’s Sphere Grid. The story diverges with every choice you make, and there are genuine consequences to each of your decisions – progression, characterization, and the ending are all shaped by you.

Dark Envoy has just launched a new Director’s Cut, which transforms the game’s narrative based on player feedback. It’s also available to play via online co-op, so you can explore its gorgeously drawn punk-magic world and cultivate the perfect party with a friend. If you want a change from Baldur’s Gate 3, or an RPG that feels reminiscent of bygone classics, Dark Envoy: Director’s Cut is available with a 40% discount as part of Steam’s Daily Deal. You can get it right here.

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