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Ringo Starr on ‘Rewind Forward,’ writing country music, the AI-assisted final Beatles track and more

by Joey De Leon

Ringo Starr, the iconic drummer of the Beatles, is proving that age is just a number with his latest release, “Rewind Forward.” This EP marks Starr’s fourth extended play release in three years, showcasing his never-ending creativity and passion for music.

Starr admits that he has always loved EPs since they first came out in the 1960s. The format allows for a compact collection of songs that can be easily consumed and appreciated. When he heard that kids were making EPs today, he thought it was a great idea. Thus, “Rewind Forward” was born.

The title of the EP, like many of Starr’s expressions, is a classic “Ringoism.” It reflects the idea of taking a moment to look back and appreciate the past without dwelling in it. Starr explains that it means “you’re sitting still for a while” and realizing that certain things worked better in the past. However, he playfully admits that he may be making all of this up.

Starr received a little help from his friends for this EP. Notable contributors include Bruce Sugar, his engineer frequent co-writer, Steve Lukather of the All Starr Band, and Joe Williams from Toto. Starr even had the honor of collaborating with his former bandmate, Paul McCartney, who wrote the track “Feeling the Sunlight” on the EP. Starr shares that he often FaceTimes McCartney twice a month and enjoys hanging out with him in London or LA.

If there’s one consistent theme in Starr’s solo work, it’s his unwavering optimism. His songs carry a message of hope and resilience, even in the most challenging times. This positive spirit has kept him motivated as he continues to tour and produce new music, despite many other veteran performers embarking on farewell tours.

In fact, Starr announces that more short collections are on the horizon, revealing his current obsession with EPs. His next project will focus on country music, inspired by a collaboration with Tom “T-Bone” Wolk. Starr shares that he initially expected a pop number but was pleasantly surprised by the country song Wolk sent him. It seems that even after all these years, Starr is still exploring new genres and experimenting with different sounds.

Aside from his solo ventures, Starr recently worked with McCartney on Dolly Parton’s cover of the Beatles’ “Let It Be.” He acknowledges that it’s always a joy to be a part of such projects and that he’s easy to convince when it comes to collaborations.

There’s also exciting news for Beatles fans, as a final Beatles recording is set to be released. This track was created using artificial intelligence technology to separate John Lennon’s voice from a piano demo. Starr dismisses rumors that they fabricated Lennon’s contributions and clarifies that this will be the last track featuring all four Beatles.

Starr is grateful that fans have various avenues to enjoy the Beatles’ music, whether it’s the immense discography or the recent documentary series, “The Beatles: Get Back.” He reminisces about the joys of being a Beatle and the magical moments captured in the film. Starr considers that era of his life to be a great time, as being part of the Beatles was a unique and extraordinary experience.

In conclusion, Ringo Starr’s “Rewind Forward” EP is a testament to his prolific career and remarkable talent. From his love for EPs to his unwavering optimism, Starr continues to delight fans and leave an indelible mark on the music industry. And with more projects on the horizon, it’s clear that he isn’t ready to slow down anytime soon.

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