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Sam Altman backs teens’ AI startup automating browser-native workflows

by Joey De Leon

Induced AI: Teenagers’ AI Startup Aims to Automate Workflows in New Ways

Induced AI, a startup founded by two teenagers, is gaining significant attention and financial backing from industry leaders in the artificial intelligence (AI) field. Backed by investors like Sam Altman, Peak XV, and Daniel Gross and Nat Friedman’s AI grant, Induced AI is aiming to assist businesses in automating numerous workflows in previously unexplored ways.

Founded earlier this year, Induced AI offers a platform that allows businesses to input their workflows in plain English. The platform then converts the instructions into pseudo-code in real time for various repetitive tasks typically managed by back offices.

The platform utilizes Chromium-based browser instances to read on-screen content and control the browser, similar to how a human would, in order to complete different steps of a workflow. This allows the browser instances to interact with websites even if they don’t have an API, as demonstrated by Aryan Sharma, Induced AI’s co-founder and chief executive, in a demo.

The concept of integrating applications through APIs has been pioneered by companies like Zapier, providing businesses with automated workflows that streamline operations without requiring a deep understanding of technical processes. Induced AI aims to build upon this concept by creating an integration economy for browser-native workflows.

Induced AI can handle complex and logic-driven processes, including two-factor authentication dialogues. The platform enables human involvement in certain steps as needed, while autonomously managing the rest, creating a bi-directional interaction system.

Unlike existing models that may require hours of manual tagging of HTML elements, Induced AI eliminates the need for manual tagging. The system can extract necessary information from English instructions and dynamically adjust them as needed.

Although similar concepts of modern Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have been introduced, Induced AI sets itself apart in several ways. The platform can run multiple tasks simultaneously and is fully remote, allowing users to access its capabilities from anywhere.

Despite having only five members on its team, Induced AI has already signed up a few small to mid-sized customers, including a sales firm that uses the platform for employee onboarding. The startup recently announced raising $2.3 million in seed funding from investors like SignalFire, Untitled Ventures, SV Angel, Superscrypt, and Balaji Srinivasan, among others.

Elaine Zelby from SignalFire describes Induced AI as “the definition of RPA 3.0,” praising its human-like interaction and efficiency. She also emphasizes how the platform democratizes access by allowing users to describe their workflows in natural language and execute parallel agents for any back-office workflow.

As Induced AI continues to develop new use cases, the startup’s innovative approach to automating workflows is expected to have a significant impact on businesses across different industries. With the support of influential investors and the impressive capabilities of its platform, Induced AI is poised for success in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

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