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Samsung building ‘digital health ecosystem’ with universities, academic hospitals

by Norman Scott

Samsung is partnering with leading universities and academic hospitals to enhance its digital health ecosystem. At the company’s ninth annual developer conference (SDC) in San Francisco, Samsung announced collaborations with experts from these institutions to better understand how various aspects of a person’s life can affect their health and to predict risk factors for serious diseases.

Samsung’s smartwatches, like those from other manufacturers, already track sleeping habits and provide advice to improve sleep quality. However, through a partnership with the MIT Media Lab, Samsung aims to investigate more unique sleep profiles and explore better models for sleep regularity, homeostasis, and circadian rhythm. This will enable the company to offer more personalized sleep interventions for users.

Additionally, Samsung is working with Harvard’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital to gain insights into helping users develop resilience against everyday stress. By analyzing data and research from this partnership, Samsung can provide users with tools and features that assist in managing and reducing stress levels.

One of Samsung’s collaborations involves the Tulane University School of Medicine, where Samsung’s BioActive sensor tech and machine learning will be utilized to gain a deeper understanding of indicators of cardiovascular diseases. This research will help improve the accuracy and effectiveness of Samsung’s health and fitness tracking capabilities, particularly in relation to cardiovascular health.

While the partnerships with these academic institutions are promising, it may take some time for the research findings and advancements to fully translate into breakthroughs or noticeable improvements in Samsung’s wearable devices. However, the potential for personalized healthcare interventions and improved health tracking capabilities is exciting.

Samsung’s commitment to collaborating with experts from leading institutions showcases its dedication to advancing digital health technology. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of these partners, Samsung aims to enhance its ecosystem of smart devices and provide users with more comprehensive and personalized healthcare solutions in the future.

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