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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra looks a lot like the S23 Ultra in leaked renders

by Maine Bacos

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is set to launch in 2024, and leaked renders have provided a glimpse of its design. The Galaxy S24 Ultra and S24+ will have similar front and rear designs to their predecessors. One notable improvement is the peak brightness, which will reach 2,500 nits, a significant upgrade from the S23 Ultra. The S24+ may also have a higher resolution for sharper visuals.

There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S24 might be one of the first Android flagships to launch in 2024. However, even if the rumored January 18th release date is correct, the device is still several months away from its debut. Despite the wait, there have been numerous leaks surrounding Samsung’s 2024 flagships, providing some insight into the phone’s specifications.

Recently, renders of the Galaxy S24 have surfaced, revealing a new design that resembles the iPhone. Now, leaks have also revealed the alleged final design of the Galaxy S24+ and S24 Ultra. Based on the leaked images, the S24 Ultra appears similar to the S23 Ultra, with minimal design changes. The side railing has curved edges, a design approach that improves ergonomics. The rear of the S24 Ultra also looks similar to the current-gen flagship, with three large camera lenses placed vertically, accompanied by two smaller lenses. The addition of an Ultra Wideband window cutout on the frame’s right side is a noticeable difference from previous models.

In terms of size, the Galaxy S24 Ultra may be slightly smaller, measuring 162.3 x 79 x 8.7mm compared to the S23 Ultra’s 163.40 x 78.10 x 8.90 mm. The slimmer bezels surrounding the display are likely the reason for the slight change in dimensions. Additionally, rumors suggest that Samsung will abandon the curved screen in favor of a flat display for its 2024 flagship phones.

The Galaxy S24+ appears to be a larger version of the S24, maintaining the iPhone-like flat frame with unchanged front and rear designs. The leaked dimensions suggest that the S24+ will retain a 6.7-inch display, but with slimmer bezels.

All three flagship Galaxy devices will reportedly have a peak brightness of 2,500 nits, a significant improvement from the S23 Ultra’s maximum brightness of 1,750 nits. The S24+ may also receive a resolution upgrade to WQHD+ for enhanced sharpness and clarity.

Based on the leaked renders, it is likely that the actual phones will resemble the designs shown. While minor design changes may occur, the overall appearance should remain consistent with the renders.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is generating excitement with its potential improvements in brightness and resolution. Fans can look forward to its launch in 2024, with a design similar to the S23 Ultra but with some updated features.

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