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Samsung reveals plans for Good Lock 2024 and One UI 6.1 early

by Maine Bacos

Samsung has officially announced Good Lock 6.0, the next major update to the app. The company revealed the changes and features that will be included in this update, which will be released alongside Android 14 and One UI 6.0. However, Samsung didn’t stop there and has also revealed some new features that we can expect from Good Lock in 2024 and on One UI 6.1.

One of the most important announcements is that Good Lock 2024 will enable users to customize the Game Booster feature that comes preloaded on all Samsung phones and tablets. Game Booster is designed to enhance the gameplay experience by optimizing performance and battery life, reducing distractions from notifications, and more. This customization feature will be a welcome addition as Game Booster is an app that doesn’t often receive updates.

Although Samsung hasn’t provided specific details about the new functionality, they have mentioned that they will take customer feedback into account for new features and improvements to existing features in Game Booster.

In addition to the Game Booster customization, Good Lock will also bring other changes in 2024 when One UI 6.1 is released. According to Samsung, customization options available in Good Lock’s LockStar and ClockFace modules will be directly accessible from within the operating system’s native Settings app. This will make it more convenient for users to personalize their devices.

Furthermore, the Kids Cafe module in Good Lock will allow users to map desired functions to keyboard gestures and designate keyboard touch sounds. This feature will make it easier for parents to control and customize their children’s device usage.

It is also worth noting that in 2024, Samsung is hoping to expand the availability of Good Lock to more countries. While the app has been made available in a few countries this year, Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for it to be accessible everywhere Samsung sells its phones and tablets.

Overall, the upcoming updates to Good Lock show Samsung’s commitment to improving the user experience and providing customization options for its users. Whether it’s through Game Booster customization or improved accessibility in the native Settings app, Good Lock is becoming an increasingly valuable tool for Samsung device owners.

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