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Sega’s new Yakuza game, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, looks bonkers

by Norman Scott

Sega’s upcoming game, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, is set to take players on a wild and ridiculous adventure. The game, a part of the Like A Dragon franchise formerly known as Yakuza, is set to release in January.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth takes the franchise to Hawaii, where the protagonist Ichiban Kasuga embarks on a journey in search of his mother but ends up penniless. The game features former Yakuza hero Kazuma Kiryu as a playable character. Based on Sega’s first gameplay trailer for the game, it is clear that the duo will face some outrageous and over-the-top challenges.

One of the highlights of the gameplay trailer is the battle against a Megalodon, a giant shark. Ichiban and his friends will also come face to face with a giant squid. These moments add to the excitement and absurdity of the game.

Another exciting feature is the ability to summon a fire-breathing dragon. In the Like A Dragon games, which have transitioned to turn-based RPGs, characters can use magic and summon friends and fighters through the Poundmates app. However, Ichiban takes it to another level by summoning a giant dragon to defeat his enemies.

In addition to the fantasy elements, the game also includes a minigame called Crazy Eats, which is a reimagining of Sega’s classic arcade game, Crazy Taxi. In this version, players deliver food to hungry Hawaiians using a bike, adding a unique spin to the gig economy concept.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth also features notable appearances from actor Danny Trejo, who plays a counterfeiter and head of a local gang, and Daniel Dae Kim, known for his roles in Lost and Hawaii Five-0, who voices Masataka Ebina, a captain of a local yakuza syndicate.

The game introduces new classes for the characters, including Housekeeper, where a teammate can use a power washer or a vacuum cleaner to eliminate enemies. It also breaks the turn-based combat rules, allowing Kiryu to engage in real-time brawling, a departure from the game’s usual combat style.

Other intriguing elements include riding Segways, visiting a former New York institution called Dean & Deluca, and forming bonds with the residents of Hawaii, including a chicken.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is set to be released on January 26, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. With its outrageous gameplay and wild adventures, the game promises to offer a unique and entertaining experience for players.

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