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Shakira thinks it’s going to be “hard” for AI to imitate her

by Joey De Leon

Shakira, the renowned pop star, has recently expressed her thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI) and its attempt to replicate a singer’s voice. According to Shakira, AI still makes mistakes in reproducing the sound of a singer’s voice, making it difficult for the technology to imitate her accurately.

In an interview with Billboard, Shakira revealed that she had been shown how she sounds with AI, but she felt that the technology hadn’t quite captured her voice yet. “I don’t hear myself there,” she said. She further explained that while the letter “E” sounded like her voice, the other four vowels did not. This led her to believe that it would be challenging for AI to imitate her voice accurately. Additionally, Shakira humorously mentioned that she had more pressing concerns, such as figuring out how her son can practice multiple sports in a single week.

The use of AI in creative fields has been a topic of discussion throughout 2023. Keith Richards, the guitarist of The Rolling Stones, also shared his opinion on AI, describing it as part of “toy town.” He emphasized that AI can either be a tool or a toy, depending on how it is utilized.

Another musician, Krist Novoselic from Nirvana, discussed in an interview with NME how AI was used to complete unfinished songs. He expressed excitement about the live shows that utilized AI, as it allowed them to extract and separate instrument tracks from old soundboard recordings, resulting in a high-quality mix.

In a recent announcement, Spotify founder Daniel Ek stated that the company would not ban music generated by AI on the platform. This decision has sparked varied responses from artists. Some, like Hozier, have considered striking in protest against the use of AI in music, while others, such as Noel Gallagher, have criticized the creators of a fake Oasis album generated by AI. Nick Cave described AI songwriting as “a grotesque mockery of what it is to be human.”

Shakira’s remarks highlight the ongoing challenges and debates surrounding the use of AI in creative fields. While the technology has made remarkable advancements, replicating the subtleties and nuances of a singer’s voice remains a complex task. As artists express their concerns and opinions about the impact of AI, it is clear that the topic will continue to be a subject of interest and controversy.

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