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Should You Buy an iPhone 15 Pro for Gaming?

by Kyle Meranda

Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 15 Pro, is set to offer console-grade gaming experiences with its new A17 Pro system-on-chip (SoC) and GPU redesign. The A17 Pro introduces hardware-accelerated ray tracing and MetalFX upscaling, which will significantly improve graphics and performance in games. While iPhone gaming currently has some limitations compared to traditional game platforms, Apple’s ongoing advancements in chip technology suggest a promising future for iPhone games.

The new A17 Pro chip boasts a six-core GPU, a 20% increase in performance compared to its predecessor, and features hardware-accelerated ray tracing. Ray tracing is a technique used to create realistic lighting effects in games, resulting in more immersive graphics. The A17 Pro also supports MetalFX upscaling, which improves image quality by rendering a lower-resolution image for better performance and then upscaling it to a higher resolution.

Apple’s advancements in chip technology also include improvements to mesh shading, leading to better overall performance and smoother gameplay. The company claims that the A17 Pro chip is more efficient, which should result in improved battery life during gaming sessions. Additionally, the iPhone 15 Pro features an OLED screen, variable refresh rate support, a compact form factor, and compatibility with a wide range of game controllers.

One surprising development in iPhone gaming is the announcement of games that will require an A17 Pro processor or better. This means that only iPhone 15 Pro and iPad owners with an M1 chip will be able to play these exclusive releases. The announcement of AAA titles like Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4 (Remake), Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and Death Stranding shows Apple’s commitment to bringing console-like gaming experiences to its mobile platforms.

However, there are still drawbacks to gaming on an iPhone. The primary purpose of an iPhone is not gaming, and the device can be interruptive with calls and notifications. The form factor may not be as comfortable for long gaming sessions compared to dedicated gaming consoles. Heat build-up can also be an issue, as the iPhone does not have active cooling, and gaming while charging may lead to overheating.

Considering the high price of the iPhone 15 Pro, some may argue that the money would be better spent on dedicated gaming consoles like the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, which offer better performance and a more immersive gaming experience. Additionally, the cost of games on the App Store, such as the $59.99 unlock fee for Resident Evil 4 (Remake), may also deter potential buyers.

Despite these drawbacks, Apple’s advancements in chip technology show a promising future for iPhone games. As future iPhone models continue to adopt more powerful chips, gaming experiences will likely improve, making the iPhone a viable option for gamers. Whether it’s worth investing in the high-end iPhone 15 Pro for gaming ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities.

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