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Snag a load of Starfield credits for free before Bethesda’s big patch

by Norman Scott

Bethesda’s Starfield, the highly anticipated RPG game release of the year, has been a huge success. However, as with any Bethesda game, there are bound to be exploits and glitches that players discover. One such exploit allows players to quickly accumulate a large number of credits, providing an easy way to get rich early in the game.

The exploit involves a neat trick that players can try out if they are aboard the Stroud-Eklund Staryard. By entering a specific room in the game and manipulating the camera movements, players can force their character through a wall and discover a chest containing a whopping 160,000 credits. What makes this exploit even better is that it is free, allowing players to accumulate wealth without any cost or effort.

While the initial execution of the exploit might be a bit challenging, as shown in footage from Karim Jovian, players can repeat the process multiple times to accumulate even more credits. By flying to Venus, landing, resting, and then returning to the Staryard, players can repeat the exploit in just five minutes to gain the same amount of credits every time. This allows players to quickly become one of the richest inhabitants in the galaxy, without the need for any mods.

However, with a forthcoming Starfield patch that includes DLSS support and a FOV slider, it is uncertain how long this exploit will remain viable in the game. Bethesda may choose to leave it untouched for a while or patch it out with the big update. So, players looking to take advantage of this exploit should act fast before it gets fixed.

For players encountering difficulties in the game, there are comprehensive guides available that can help. The in-depth guide on the best Starfield traits can assist players in building a character that suits their playstyle, while the complete rundown of Starfield lockpicking provides a comprehensive list of known Digipick locations.

Additionally, for those seeking more information, the Starfield Database offers daily news, searchable databanks, and interactive tools that go beyond what a traditional Starfield wiki can provide. This resource can be a valuable asset for players looking to enhance their gaming experience.

Overall, while Bethesda’s Starfield has been a huge success, the discovery of exploits and glitches is inevitable. The recent exploit that allows players to earn a significant amount of credits quickly presents an enticing opportunity for players looking to amass wealth. However, with the upcoming patch, players should take advantage of this exploit while it lasts and consult helpful resources for guidance in their Starfield journey.

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