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Snag some of Steam’s best shmup games on sale during this fest

by Gamerx Ramiro

Steam, the popular PC game provider, is known for its lightning deals and jaw-dropping discounts. As a dedicated Steam user, I always keep an eye out for new sales and events. Currently, Steam is celebrating a week-long shmup fest, offering some of the most fast-paced and thrilling shoot ’em up games at exclusive deals. If you’re looking to add a new game to your Steam library, this limited-time event is the perfect opportunity to do so.

During the shmup fest, you’ll find a variety of bullet hell entries and roguelike games with hefty discounts. These discounted games include indie gems with unique settings that you may have never come across before. For example, Atomicrops is a game where you farm mutated plants, marry townsfolk, and engage in action-packed combat. It is currently available for 80% off at just $2.99/£2.55. Another interesting game on sale is Deadlink, a cyberpunk shooter with roguelite elements. It can be purchased at 25% off for just $18.74/£15.74. The shmup fest lasts until Monday, October 2.

If you’re a fan of iconic hits, Enter the Gungeon and its sequel Exit the Gungeon are also on sale. These bullet hell dungeon crawlers follow a band of misfits as they loot, shoot, and flip tables. Both games can be purchased in a bundle for 69% off at just $7.63/£6.51. If you’re missing one of the games, Enter the Gungeon is 70% off while Exit the Gungeon is 60% off.

For a sillier yet equally challenging experience, Brotato is a top-down arena shooter roguelite where you play as a potato equipped with multiple weapons. This funny shmup is currently 20% off at just $3.99/£3.19. To find out more about the full fest details, sales, and daily rewards, check out Steam’s shmup category page.

If you’re already eagerly awaiting Valve’s next fest or event with major discounts, you can stay updated by referring to our guide on every upcoming Steam sale. Additionally, if you’re interested in other new things happening in the gaming world, you can browse through our lineup of the most interesting upcoming PC games to look forward to as the year progresses.

In conclusion, the ongoing shmup fest on Steam offers a fantastic opportunity to grab some amazing deals on fast-paced shoot ’em up games. Whether you’re into bullet hell entries, roguelikes, or iconic hits, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this limited-time event and start expanding your Steam library today!

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