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Some iPhone 15 Pro units are arriving with defects

by Maine Bacos

Defective iPhones: Some iPhone 15 Pro Units Arriving with Issues

According to a tipster named Majin Bu, a significant number of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices are being shipped with defects straight out of the box. This information was brought to light in a tweet by Majin Bu, who shared images displaying the various issues found on these units. The tweet also mentioned that these defects were present in units destined for the US, Chinese, and EU markets.

Among the reported defects, one problem pertains to the titanium frames of some devices. In some cases, there is no color applied to the frame, while in others, the color is unevenly applied. Additionally, the placement of the display is not aligned correctly with the device’s edges, causing another issue for these defective units.

Interestingly, a Foxconn employee had previously shared that the first batch of iPhone 15 Pro series phones would likely have some problems, and this appears to be true based on the reports of defects in these units. It is worth noting that while the most significant problems seem to be affecting the Pro models, some iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus units also display defects. The defects reported include display misalignment, dirt on camera lenses, scratches on the screen, signs of damage in various areas, and reports of bubbles and discolored squares.

A premium reseller also noted additional issues with these devices. This reseller witnessed uneven gaps on the back glass, wobbly OLED screens, phones that emerged from the box with long scratches, and bubbles under the glass measuring 5cm x 4cm. This reseller specifically mentioned that they had never seen such problems with the iPhone 14 Pro models.

On Reddit, users have also raised complaints about iPhone 15 series devices arriving in less than pristine condition. One user shared a post about their newly purchased iPhone 15 Pro Max, which arrived with three cracks in the rear glass. The phone was said to be loose inside the box upon opening.

For those who have received one of these defective units, it is recommended to contact Apple immediately to arrange for a replacement. Although waiting for the necessary corrections to be made on the assembly line might be a safer option, there have been no official statements from Apple or its contract manufacturers regarding this matter.

However, it is important to note that despite the reported defects, the affected devices still appear to function properly. This means that while waiting for a replacement unit from Apple, users can still use their new iPhones.

As Apple addresses these defects, customers can hope for resolutions and replacements for their faulty iPhones. It is essential for Apple to ensure quality control and address these issues promptly to uphold its reputation and provide a satisfactory experience for its customers.

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