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Splatoon 3’s new season detailed, Deep Cut get amiibo in November

by Gamerx Ramiro

Splatoon 3 Announces New Maps and Modes for Drizzle Season

Exciting news for Splatoon 3 fans! Nintendo recently unveiled the latest update on the game’s upcoming season called Drizzle. Set to begin on September 1st, Drizzle brings a host of new content to the beloved third-person shooter game.

One of the highlights of the Drizzle season is the introduction of two new stages: Crableg Capital and Shipshape Cargo Co. These fresh battlegrounds will provide players with new strategic opportunities and challenges. Alongside the new stages, players will also get their hands on a brand-new main weapon known as the Dread Wringer.

In addition to the new stages and weapon, Drizzle season promises a plethora of exciting updates. Players can look forward to new gear, returning stages for Salmon Run, and a range of new cards in the Tableturf Battle mode. These additions will undoubtedly spice up the gameplay experience for all Splatoon enthusiasts.

For those who enjoy the competitive side of Splatoon, a new Splatfest is on the horizon. This anniversary-themed event will feature a three-way battle between Shiver, Fyre, and Big Man. Fans can mark their calendars for the weekend of September 9th to the 11th to participate in this thrilling competition.

Amiibo collectors will be delighted to hear that new amiibo figures will also be released alongside the Drizzle season. The Deep Cut set, featuring the characters Shiver, Fyre, and Big Man, is set to hit stores on November 17th. However, details regarding whether it will be available as a three-pack in Australia, as well as pre-order information, are yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, Splatoon 3 players in Australia and New Zealand can showcase their skills in the upcoming Splatoon 3 AU/NZ Championships 2023 Online Qualifiers #1. The competition will kick off this weekend, providing participants with an opportunity to compete against other skilled players and prove their worth on the virtual battlefield.

Although the recent announcement has given fans plenty to be excited about, Nintendo has yet to disclose any further details regarding additional DLC for Splatoon 3. However, with each new season and update, the game continues to evolve and offer fresh experiences to its dedicated player base.

As the release date for Drizzle season approaches, Splatoon 3 fans can eagerly anticipate diving into the new content, exploring the new stages, and adapting their strategies with the introduction of the Dread Wringer. With Nintendo’s commitment to providing an engaging and ever-evolving gaming experience, players can rest assured that Splatoon 3 will continue to captivate them for months to come.

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