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Starfield fans baffled as player marries two companions simultaneously

by Norman Scott

The Starfield community has been left puzzled after a player revealed that they are married to both Sarah and Andreja in Bethesda’s highly anticipated game. The unexpected scenario was shared by a Reddit user, sparking a wave of disbelief and curiosity among players.

Since its release, Starfield players have been uncovering various features, quirks, and bugs in the game. This latest revelation adds another unexpected twist to the growing list. According to the player’s post, they cheated on Andreja with Sarah and, instead of facing consequences, managed to convince Andreja not to be mad through a persuasion check. Surprisingly, this resulted in the player having two wives.

This unprecedented situation has left both the player and the community stunned. Many players were unaware that it was possible to romance two characters simultaneously in Starfield. The community is now abuzz with discussions and theories about the game’s relationship mechanics.

One player responded to the revelation with disbelief, as they had attempted to romance both Sarah and Andreja but were rejected by Andreja due to her unwillingness to share. Another player shed light on the situation, stating that Sarah is willing to enter a relationship with the player even if they are already with Andreja, but not vice versa.

Starfield offers players the opportunity to develop deep relationships with companions, leading to companion quests and even marriage. The marriage process usually involves finding someone to officiate the ceremony and potentially inviting guests. However, the option to flirt with other companions remains even after marriage, allowing players to continue developing relationships with multiple characters.

The question of who wakes up with the player’s character after sleeping has also sparked debate within the community. Some players claim that the character who is chosen as the active companion is the one who wakes up with the player, while others believe it is simply whoever is closest at the time.

Overall, this revelation has added an intriguing layer to the Starfield experience. Players are now exploring the possibilities and consequences of multiple romances within the game. As more players dive into the world of Starfield, it will be interesting to see what other unexpected surprises await them.

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