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Starfield, One Month Later

by Norman Scott

Starfield, the highly anticipated game from Bethesda, finally arrived on Xbox and PC on September 6. With a five-day early access period for deluxe edition owners, players around the world have now had the game in their hands for a little over a month. As expected, Starfield, with its vast world and countless possibilities, has been a topic of discussion among gamers, with people uncovering unique features, critiquing its weaknesses, and celebrating its strengths.

While it’s too early to tell if Starfield will reach the same level of memorability as Skyrim or Fallout, the game has garnered praise with some caveats. Critics have commended its scale, scope, and stunning visuals but have also pointed out its shallow settings, repetitive environments, and lack of innovation compared to other Bethesda titles. Starfield has received a Metacritic score of 84, but player reviews on Steam have been more critical, describing the game as “disappointingly average” and lacking depth.

One of Starfield’s standout features is its massive scale, with 1,000 explorable planets. Bethesda promised a game that would take the RPG format to new heights in a space setting. While some players have found joy in the contemplative beauty of the game’s vast galaxy, others have criticized it for its lack of viable vehicles for traversing the planets. Bethesda explained that they prioritized on-foot exploration, but some players have questioned this decision.

Despite the mixed reception, players have stumbled upon interesting surprises in Starfield. From Star Trek vibes to Dead Space-esque scares, the game offers various fun elements for fans to discover. Additionally, modders have already started improving the game, addressing some of its flaws. Although Starfield’s mod scene is still in its early stages, there are already mods available that enhance the overall experience.

The game’s physics simulation has also been a point of fascination among players. The realistic and lively physics in Starfield have allowed for some creative and amusing interactions. In the realm of exploits, players have discovered ways to rob NPCs of their clothes and even exploit a mud puddle to earn credits, though the latter has since been patched.

Starfield, however, is just getting started. With the possibility of future DLC and continued development, players can expect new experiences even after spending significant time with the game. Director Todd Howard has expressed the studio’s intention to design the game with long-term investment in mind, allowing players to continue playing for a significant period. The addition of a new game plus function is one of the unique features of Starfield, and Bethesda has hinted that certain elements of the game may change over time.

In conclusion, Starfield has had a mixed reception in its first month of release. While praised for its scale and visuals, some players have criticized its lack of innovation and repetitive environments. Despite the criticisms, the game offers surprises and endless possibilities with its vast galaxy, which modders are already working to enhance. With the potential for future updates and DLC, Starfield is sure to keep players engaged for a long time to come.

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