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Starfield Players Are Still Waiting For It’s Frist Big Patch

by Norman Scott

Bethesda released another tiny update for Starfield on September 25 that addresses a handful of minor bugs and performance issues on PC. The studio promises a much more massive update is still on the way as fans wait for further tweaks and much-needed quality of life improvements.

The latest update, version 1.7.33, focuses on fixing some general gameplay issues and improving performance and stability. Some of the key fixes include addressing character locations, labeling Star Stations correctly, and preventing full vendor inventory accessibility. Additionally, the update resolves graphics-related issues such as star lens flares not appearing correctly on certain AMD GPUs and textures becoming blurry. It also fixes an issue that could cause photosensitivity problems while scrolling through the inventory menu.

While this is only the second update for Starfield since its release on September 1, it reflects Bethesda’s commitment to addressing player feedback and improving the overall gaming experience. However, major updates that include PC display options, accessibility features, and gameplay improvements are still pending. This has left players longing for features like Nvidia DLSS support, brightness and contrast controls, HDR calibration menu, FOV slider, and an automatic food consumption button.

Compared to recent blockbuster RPGs like Elden Ring and Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield’s post-launch updates have been relatively sparse. While the game didn’t launch with major bugs or performance issues on Xbox Series X/S, the PC version has faced some challenges. Critics have praised the game but also highlighted UI issues, dated systems, and the lack of accessibility options.

Despite these initial hurdles, Bethesda and Microsoft remain committed to providing ongoing support and future DLC expansions for Starfield. Players can expect more updates in the coming months as the studio continues to refine and enhance the space exploration epic.

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