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The Apple Watch’s New Double Tap Gesture Is A Gamechanger

by Maine Bacos

Apple has recently released its iPhone 15 lineup and new Apple Watch series, and iOS users are now getting acquainted with all the latest updates. While there are notable features like Titanium builds for the iPhone 15 Pro models and brighter displays, one feature stands out as particularly revolutionary: the Apple Watch’s Double Tap.

The Apple Watch’s Double Tap is a simple yet groundbreaking gesture that we haven’t seen from the company before. It could potentially indicate how Apple plans to incorporate bodily gestures into its future products, such as nodding your head or clicking your fingers in specific ways.

So, what exactly is the Apple Watch’s Double Tap? With the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch 2, users can answer phone calls, play music, scroll through widgets, silence alarms, and stop timers with a simple gesture. All of this can be done without even touching the Apple Watch. To activate the Double Tap function, you just need to tap your index finger and thumb together twice in quick succession, while also having the watch raised and in full view.

The Double Tap feature utilizes the Apple Watch’s newly calibrated accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart rate sensor in combination. These sensors can detect disruptions in blood flow when your fingers are pressed together quickly. Using machine learning on a powerful neural engine, the Apple Watch processes this data and performs various functions in response to the biofeedback.

The practical applications of the Double Tap feature are exciting. For example, imagine setting up an Apple ecosystem in your bedroom with smart lighting and speakers. You could program the lights to dim and the speakers to play soft ambient music when it’s time to sleep. After connecting your Apple Watch to this ecosystem, you could simply Double Tap to activate these actions when you hop into bed.

The Double Tap gesture is an evolution of the pinch-and-clench gesture introduced with AssisstiveTouch in 2021. However, it is more refined and explicit, hinting at Apple’s inclination towards touch-free bodily gestures for future generations of its products.

The next big release from Apple is the Vision Pro, which will also make use of new gestures and advanced sensors. This AR/VR headset will be able to track a user’s eyes and hand movements, providing a seamless interface with punching and swiping controls. It seems clear that this is just the beginning of Apple’s exploration of gesture controls. A recently filed patent from the company suggests that more gesture controls are on the horizon, including some for the Apple TV.

As for the current Double Tap feature, we will be discussing it in more depth once we put the Apple Watch Ultra 2 to the test with a full review in the coming weeks. The potential for touch-free bodily gestures and the integration of more advanced sensors in Apple’s future products is undoubtedly exciting for iOS users and technology enthusiasts alike.

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