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The Best PC Games For Beginners

by Gamerx Ramiro

When it comes to starting out as a beginner in the gaming world, it’s important to choose games that ease you into the process rather than diving into challenging titles like Elden Ring or Cuphead. These games may seem fun and exciting, but for someone unfamiliar with gaming, they can be quite overwhelming and ultimately unsatisfying to play.

Instead, beginners should opt for games that are designed to make the gaming experience more accessible and enjoyable. Here are some highlighted games that are perfect for beginners:

1. Plate Up!: This casual co-op cooking game allows you to manage a restaurant with a partner, serving guests and cleaning up. The controls are simple, and the objective is straightforward, making it easy for beginners to play.

2. Stardew Valley: This farming simulator offers complexity while keeping things simple. With charming graphics and diverse gameplay options, Stardew Valley is a popular choice for new players. It provides tons of activities to do, from farming and fishing to exploring dungeons.

3. Vampire Survivors: A dark action auto-shooter game, Vampire Survivors allows you to automatically defeat enemies without pressing a button. It starts off easy but progressively gets more challenging, allowing beginners to get familiar with the controls and gameplay mechanics.

4. Portal: This puzzle-solving game gradually builds up in complexity, allowing beginners to get familiar with its mechanics. The game can be played solo or in co-op mode, and its impressive graphics and charm make it a must-play for newcomers.

5. The Stanley Parable: In this game, you make decisions and react to various scenarios. It doesn’t require a lot of movement and is designed for people looking to have a lighthearted and unique gaming experience.

6. Half-Life 2: Considered one of the best PC games ever, Half-Life 2 offers a gripping story and impressive graphics. It sets the standard for control layouts in popular video games today and is a great introduction to keyboard controls for beginners.

7. Undertale: This charming adventure game features a simple control scheme and a well-written story. It’s a great way to get acquainted with turn-based exploration games.

8. Katamari Damacy Reroll: This cult classic game revolves around rolling up everything you see into a giant ball. It’s a fun and vibrant experience that helps beginners get used to directional keys.

9. Telltale Games: While not known for fast-paced action, Telltale games offer captivating storylines and impressive cinematics. The interactive segments are easy to play through, and your choices significantly impact the outcome of the story.

Choosing games that ease you into the gaming process is crucial for beginners. These highlighted games provide a range of options, from casual co-op experiences to complex yet accessible adventures. By starting with these beginner-friendly titles, newcomers to gaming can enjoy the experience and gradually develop their skills and familiarity with different game mechanics.

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