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The creator of Apollo for Reddit has moved onto smaller and weirder things

by Norman Scott

Christian Selig, the developer of the popular Reddit app Apollo, may have moved on from the project, but he is far from being idle. Selig has recently launched Pixel Pals, an app that focuses on widgets and utilizes various iOS features in innovative ways. And it seems that his new venture is proving to be quite successful.

Pixel Pals offers a range of widgets, including calendars, clocks, and battery percentages. However, one of the standout features of the app is Language Pal, a language-learning widget that allows users to practice vocabulary in 10 different languages. The widget takes the form of a guessing game right on your home screen, making it a convenient and fun way to expand your language skills.

But Language Pal is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Pixel Pals. The app also incorporates a Tamagotchi-like virtual pet game, where users can care for cute pixel animals. Additionally, there are plans to introduce more widgets in the future, including a trivia widget called “Trivia Pal.”

What makes Pixel Pals even more appealing is that the majority of its features are available for free. Users can enjoy the app without spending a dime. However, Selig has found ways to monetize his creation. This includes offering in-app purchases of virtual food for the pixel animals and introducing a premium subscription plan for $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year. The subscription grants users access to additional pixel animals and other exclusive content.

According to Selig, Pixel Pals has been a resounding success, even before he decided to shut down Apollo. He revealed that his new app accounted for about 40 percent of his overall revenue during Apollo’s prime. Now that he has dedicated more time to Pixel Pals, he expects the app’s revenue to continue growing. Selig predicts that by the end of the year, Pixel Pals could reach an impressive $1 million in annual recurring revenue, surpassing even the success of Apollo.

The success of Pixel Pals highlights the growing demand for innovative and useful widgets on iOS devices. Selig’s app not only adds functionality to users’ home screens but also provides enjoyable games and language-learning tools. As Selig continues to expand the app’s offerings and attract more users, it is clear that he has found a new avenue for success in the world of app development.

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