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The next Splatoon 3 Splatfest is The Legend of Zelda themed

by Gamerx Ramiro

Nintendo Fans in Australia and New Zealand, Get Ready for the Splatoon 3 Splatfest!

Get ready, Nintendo fans in Australia and New Zealand! The next Splatoon 3 Splatfest is just around the corner, and this time it’s based on the beloved Legend of Zelda franchise. The Splatfest will run from May 6th to May 8th, giving players a chance to choose their teams and battle it out on a special stage.

For this Splatfest, players can choose from three teams: Team Power, Team Wisdom, and Team Courage. Each team represents one of the core values from the Legend of Zelda series. Whether you prefer to go all out with power, rely on wisdom to guide you, or show your bravery and courage, there’s a team for everyone.

To make the Splatfest even more exciting, there will also be a special stage introduced specifically for this event. Tricolor Turf War will provide a unique and thrilling environment for players to show off their skills and splat their opponents. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience something new and test your abilities in the world of Splatoon 3.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Nintendo has also announced special edition Splatoon x The Legend of Zelda shirts. There are three designs available, each representing one of the teams you can choose from. These limited-edition shirts will be available for pre-order on the Australian My Nintendo Store website starting from Tuesday, April 18th. It’s a chance to show your team spirit and showcase your love for both Splatoon and The Legend of Zelda.

And that’s not all. As a special treat, Splatoon 3 itself is currently on sale. The game is discounted by 33%, making it the perfect time to grab a copy and join in on the action. Whether you’re a seasoned Splatoon player or new to the franchise, this deal is too good to pass up.

So mark your calendars and get ready for an epic Splatfest event. Choose your team, grab your gear, and get ready to splat your way to victory. The Legend of Zelda theme brings a whole new level of excitement to Splatoon 3, and it’s an event you don’t want to miss. Get ready for the battle of power, wisdom, and courage, and may the best team win!

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