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The Witcher’s next game is Sons of the Forest meets Bioshock

by Gamerx Ramiro

Survival adventure games have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and Game Island’s upcoming release, Serum, aims to make its mark in this crowded market. With backing from Toplitz Productions, the Polish studio hopes to captivate survival game enthusiasts with its unique take on the genre.

Set in the year 2070, Serum follows the story of Adam, a survivor of a plane crash who finds himself stranded on an island in the Pacific Ocean. The land is engulfed in a poisonous green fog, and it is here that Adam discovers a mysterious liquid known as Serum. This liquid not only grants immunity to the toxic fog but also imbues its users with special abilities. However, there are also some side effects that come with using Serum.

During a preview at Gamescom 2023, Michal Ojrzyński, CEO and creative director of Game Island, emphasized the importance of Serum in the game, stating, “Serum is life.” The game’s focus lies in elements such as time management, hunger, survival, mutation, and how Serum is utilized to combat animals and transform the protagonist. The overarching theme revolves around the questions of where Adam is, what he has gotten himself into, and where his journey will lead.

One prominent gameplay feature of Serum is a countdown clock displayed on Adam’s left arm, representing his remaining survival time. To extend this time, players must constantly inject themselves with syringes of Serum, reminiscent of the gameplay mechanics seen in Bioshock. However, the developers reassure players that the game does not overly punish them for time mismanagement, allowing for a more enjoyable experience.

In terms of combat, Serum takes a different approach compared to other survival games. Instead of relying on shooting enemies, stealth becomes the player’s primary tool for survival. The game also draws inspiration from Bioshock in terms of weapon upgrades and customization. By combining negative effects of Serum, players can enhance their weapons and give them unique properties.

The island in Serum is not just a challenging environment; it is also filled with mutated animals. Players must confront and defeat these creatures while unraveling the mysteries behind past events. The game boasts four to five distinct biomes to explore and seven different types of animals, each with multiple variations. From oversized creatures like the Bonebreaker to enhanced wolves called Fog Wolves, defeating these formidable opponents is crucial to obtaining Serum.

Apart from its survival mechanics and engaging storyline, Serum aims to captivate players with its unique art style and graphical presentation. The developers have worked hard to create beautiful lighting effects using Unreal Engine 5, emphasizing the mist and fog that shroud the island. The mutated animals are also designed to be aggressive and visually striking, further enhancing the game’s overall appeal.

Adding to the game’s allure is the inclusion of renowned voice actor Doug Cockle, best known for his work as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series. Cockle will voice the character Richard, although details about this character are yet to be revealed. Having such talent on board further adds to the excitement and anticipation surrounding Serum.

Serum is scheduled to launch on PC via Steam in the first quarter of 2024, offering both single-player and one to four-player co-op modes. For fans of the survival genre looking for similar experiences, PCGamesN recommends checking out the best survival games and crafting games available in 2023, including titles like Green Hell and Sons of the Forest.

In a market saturated with survival games, Serum aims to stand out through its intriguing storyline, unique mechanics, captivating art style, and the promise of an immersive survival adventure. With its release just around the corner, it’s an exciting time for survival game enthusiasts eagerly awaiting their chance to embark on the Serum experience.

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