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These 2 Android foldables cost less than one Galaxy Z Fold 5

by Amelia Ramiro

Tecno, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is redefining the price of foldable smartphones with its Tecno Phantom V Flip and Tecno Phantom V Fold. These devices offer similar features to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 at a fraction of the cost. While Tecno doesn’t officially sell its smartphones in the US or the UK, it has gained popularity in emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East, and India.

The Tecno Phantom V Fold, priced at around $1,099, offers a large foldable screen at a significantly lower price than its competitors. Although it has some hardware and software compromises, such as an average camera and a less well-known chipset, the device still delivers on the foldable aspect, which is the main reason why people buy foldable phones.

Tecno impressed with the Phantom V Fold, and it followed up with the Tecno Phantom V Flip, a compact flip-style folding phone. The Phantom V Flip also comes with compromises, but its unique circular cover screen and mid-range specifications make it a great value for money device, priced at $699.

While these devices may not have the high-end specs and durability of Samsung’s foldables, they offer an affordable alternative for those who change their phones frequently. Tecno’s adjustment in specifications to meet a lower price allows more people to try out foldable devices and make them more mainstream.

Currently, only Motorola offers a price-conscious folding phone with the Motorola Razr 40. The Tecno devices fill a gap in the market for affordable foldables with large screens. Although they may require some effort to purchase and some adjustments to the software, the value they offer is undeniable.

In a market where new mobile tech can be expensive, the opportunity to grab a bargain with Tecno’s foldable smartphones is appealing. While they may not embarrass Samsung’s offerings, they provide a glimpse of what affordable foldables should look like in the future.

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