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These 7 apps make iOS 17’s StandBy mode even better

by Maine Bacos

Apple’s iOS 17 update may not be packed with as many features as previous versions, but it includes a valuable update that shouldn’t be overlooked. StandBy, one of the new tools introduced in iOS 17, allows users to easily access their most important information at a glance. While some may see StandBy as just a way to turn their iPhone into a digital clock, it offers much more than that.

StandBy displays data from native Calendar, Clock, and Reminders apps by default, but it also supports third-party apps if the developer chooses to implement it. To get started with StandBy, simply attach your supported iPhone to a power source and place it upright horizontally. While MagSafe stands work best, any stand will do the job.

Currently, the number of third-party apps that support StandBy is relatively small, but it is expected to grow significantly in the coming weeks and months. Below are a few StandBy-compatible apps to get you started:

1. Flighty: Designed for frequent travelers, Flighty provides real-time updates on delays, gate changes, and other important information. Its StandBy app includes a countdown feature to show the time remaining until your next flight, as well as a widget to display the number of flights you’ve taken using the app.

2. iScreen: This app allows for personalization of your iPhone home screen using widgets, themes, and wallpapers. iScreen’s StandBy widgets offer functionalities such as a clock, battery graph, and calendar. The app also provides a DIY feature to customize the widget by choosing the information you want to display.

3. Sports Alerts: Stay up to date with your favorite sports teams’ latest scores, statistics, and news with the Sports Alerts app. In its latest version, Sports Alerts has launched two widgets for StandBy. One widget displays your favorite sports teams’ current score or upcoming game information, while the other shows the latest PGA golf tournament leaderboard.

4. Carrot Weather: Known for its accurate weather information and witty remarks, Carrot Weather now supports StandBy. You can now access your weather information and enjoy Carrot’s humor without even unlocking your device.

5. Broadcasts: This app allows you to listen to radio stations from around the world. With full integration of interactive widgets on supported iPhones, you can conveniently manage your radio stations and playlists without opening the app. You can also control the music playback from StandBy.

6. Dark Noise: For those who need background noise to relax and sleep, Dark Noise offers over 50 built-in sounds and the ability to create custom mixes. With StandBy, accessing your favorite soundscapes from Dark Noise is just a tap away.

7. Lumy: This app helps professional photographers identify the optimal times for outdoor photos. It provides information on golden hour, solar noon, sunset, and last light, as well as weather forecasts. Lumy’s StandBy widgets include a sun event countdown, daylight distribution dial, and moon widgets.

While the number of StandBy-compatible apps is currently limited, it is expected to expand in the future. Developers will likely take advantage of this tool to create innovative and useful widgets. As iOS 17 and StandBy continue to evolve, users can look forward to more exciting updates and features in the coming months and years.

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