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This new soulslike sandbox survival sim has just launched on Steam

by Kyle Meranda

The joy of gaming is seeing new ideas crop up in unexpected ways. Genres get smushed together to make something new. Things spark off each other and come up with something greater than the sum of their parts. That’s definitely the case in Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand, a brand new survival sim with soulslike combat that’s just launched on Steam.

The most intriguing thing about Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand is how it seems to fill a gap in the market that few others are looking at. If you play mainly survival games, this might give you a deeper combat experience that’s missing in other titles. If you’re a soulslike fan, you might want to slow things down a bit and simply spend time in a world. What we’ve got here is a true blend of genres, whizzing them up in the development blender to make something new.

In Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand you land in a strange world filled with ruins of former civilizations. Your daughter is missing with only you able to save her, but you need to stay alive and thrive first. This is where the blend of soulslike and survival comes in. Both genres work together to keep you alive, with you exploring the world in a soulslike-esque manner while building up a base and crafting in full survival fashion.

The world is populated by horrible monsters for you to slay, analyzing weaknesses and dodging out of the way of attacks to bring them down. Once you’ve killed something it’s time to grab loot, nick some materials, and head home to work on your base. There, you can build new tools, healing items, and weapons to upgrade yourself and your armament. Then it’s back out to explore, find some new dungeons, slay more monsters, and inch ever closer to finding your daughter.

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If adding The Forest into Dark Souls or putting a dollop of Elden Ring into Valheim appeals, head over to the Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand Steam page to check out the full game for yourself. You can also save 10% as an introductionary offer until Wednesday, May 22.

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