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Three new MacOS Sonoma features even a casual Mac user will love

by Kyle Meranda

Widgets are finally coming to Mac with Apple’s latest update, and not just any widgets, but interactive ones. This exciting new feature was introduced for the first time with iOS 17, allowing users to have more functionality and convenience right on their desktop.

Prior to this update, widgets were accessible through the Mac’s Notifications Center. However, now users have the ability to move them directly to their desktop. This opens up a range of possibilities, including adding a Smart Stack, displaying Reminders and Calendar, viewing friends’ shared locations, and even showcasing favorite Photos albums.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of these new interactive widgets is the ability to perform tasks without being redirected to an app. For example, users can play and pause music, podcasts, and audiobooks directly from the widget itself. Additionally, they can mark a Reminder as completed without having to open the Reminders app. This streamlined experience enhances productivity and efficiency.

One particular use case for these interactive widgets is in managing personal tasks and responsibilities. For instance, individuals can create Reminders to remember online purchases or bills that need to be paid. Through the widget, they can quickly complete these tasks and mark them off their list, all from the convenience of their desktop.

An additional benefit of these interactive widgets is their compatibility with Continuity, a feature that allows seamless use between Apple devices. While Continuity works with various Apple devices, it is particularly robust with the iPhone. Users can add their iPhone widgets to their Mac desktop without needing to install any additional iPhone apps that are not already available on their Mac. Simply by holding their iPhone nearby, they can easily integrate their devices and enjoy a cohesive experience.

Overall, the introduction of interactive widgets on Mac brings greater functionality and convenience to users. Whether it’s managing personal tasks, controlling media playback, or staying organized, these widgets provide a seamless and efficient experience. With the added benefits of Continuity, users can fully leverage the capabilities of their Apple devices and enjoy a truly integrated ecosystem.

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