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Tim Cook calls spatial computing in Apple Vision Pro an ‘aha moment’ in a user’s life

by Amelia Ramiro

Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that spatial computing is a profound technology that will offer more opportunities for developers to succeed on top of the already “outstanding” App Store. Cook expressed his views during his visit to Apple’s Battersea Power Station headquarters in London as part of his tour of Europe.

In addition to discussing Apple’s work on artificial intelligence (AI) and the Apple Vision Pro, Cook praised the current state of apps available on the App Store. He stated that he is amazed by the fact that entrepreneurs from any country can start a company in a basement and achieve global success through the App Store.

Cook also talked about the Apple Vision Pro, a headset that utilizes spatial computing and is expected to be released in early 2024. He mentioned that developers are eagerly anticipating the release of the headset and have been creating some incredible work in Apple’s developer labs in London and Munich.

Furthermore, Cook shared his personal experience with the Apple Vision Pro, revealing that he incorporates it into his nightly routine to enhance his understanding of its potential as a major product. He emphasized the importance of trying the headset firsthand, describing it as an “aha moment” that people only experience a few times in their lifetime.

The CEO also addressed Apple’s role as a tool maker for people to change the world. He emphasized the company’s commitment to making developer tools simple and accessible, allowing developers to focus on their ideas rather than the technical implementation. Cook expressed satisfaction in seeing this validation play out in the success of the App Store and the innovation of developers.

Overall, Tim Cook’s belief in the potential of spatial computing and the positive impact it will have on developers highlights Apple’s dedication to pushing technological boundaries and providing cutting-edge experiences for its users. As the release of the Apple Vision Pro approaches, anticipation and excitement continue to grow within the developer community.

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