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Tim Cook interview: Apple boss talks trillion-dollar transformation and reveals his ‘aha moment’

by Amelia Ramiro

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, recently described his first experience with Apple’s forthcoming Vision Pro headset as an “aha moment.” Cook believes that the mixed reality device has the potential to revolutionize computing, just as the iPhone did 16 years ago. However, for the Vision Pro to succeed, it will need apps.

During a visit to London, Cook met with UK app developers, as the UK has the largest developer community in Europe. Cook expressed his admiration for the apps created by developers and highlighted the power of the App Store in empowering entrepreneurs around the world.

Cook takes pride in the jobs created by the Apple ecosystem, with estimates suggesting that the iOS app economy is directly connected to half a million jobs, a nearly 70% increase compared to 2019. UK app developers have earned nearly £7.5 billion from their apps.

When Cook became CEO in 2011, the app economy was still in its infancy. Over the past decade, Apple’s App Store has facilitated over $1 trillion in billings and sales annually, contributing to Apple’s status as the richest company in the world.

During the meeting with developers at Apple’s Battersea Power Station headquarters, several innovative apps were showcased. One app, Gym Streak, uses augmented reality (AR) to create workout videos that appear as if an animated figure is exercising in your living room. Another app, Night Sky, uses AR to display stars, planets, and even the International Space Station on your iPhone screen, allowing users to share what they see with others.

Developers expressed excitement about the upcoming launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset, as it will provide an immersive and interactive experience for their apps. Cook mentioned the incredible work being done by developers in Apple’s developer labs in London and Munich, and he believes that spatial computing will have a profound impact on various industries.

Throughout the app demonstrations, the developers praised the support they receive from Apple. Cook emphasized that Apple’s goal is to empower others to change the world in their own way. He sees Apple as a toolmaker, providing developers with simple and easy-to-use tools to bring their ideas to life.

In addition to the app ecosystem, Cook also highlighted the gaming potential of Apple’s devices. He believes that with the powerful processors in the latest iPhone models, Apple iOS is now the best gaming platform available. The Vision Pro headset will further enhance the gaming experience, allowing users to interact and compete in a new dimension.

Cook’s visit to London showcased the exciting developments in the app and gaming industries, as well as Apple’s commitment to supporting developers and revolutionizing the computing experience. As the launch of the Vision Pro headset approaches, anticipation grows for the transformative impact it could have on various sectors and how developers will harness its capabilities.

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