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Top Cricket games to play this World Cup season, ranging from PC to mobile

by Gamerx Ramiro

The ICC Men’s World Cup is not just a sport; it is a celebration of passion and love for cricket for many fans. The upcoming World Cup in 2023 is anticipated with excitement and eagerness by cricket enthusiasts all over the world. While not everyone can be physically present at the stadium to witness the spectacle live, technology has made it possible for fans to enjoy the World Cup in a different way through PC and mobile games.

These games, developed by renowned developers and publishers, offer stunningly realistic graphics and an authentic gaming experience. They allow players to play as their favorite teams, compete with other players, and experience the adrenaline rush of virtually lifting the trophy. Many of these games provide such immersive gameplay that they transport players into the virtual world of professional cricket.

Let’s explore some of the top cricket games that provide the ultimate Cricket World Cup experience.

Cricket 22, developed by Big Ant Studios, offers an authentic cricket experience. It features fully licensed tournaments like Ashes, Big Bash T20, The Hundred, and CPL, with teams from England, Australia, New Zealand, The West Indies, and Ireland. The game also includes a story-driven career mode, enhanced bowling and fielding controls, and a new commentary team featuring renowned commentators like Ian Healy, Michael Atherton, Alison Mitchell, Mel Jones, and David Gower.

Cricket Captain 2022 focuses on team management rather than playing matches directly. Players can oversee player management and training to guide their team to success in international tournaments. The game boasts an extensive roster of over 7,000 players with upgraded stats, along with a new Batting Aggression system that mirrors real players’ abilities through finely tuned player ratings.

Don Bradman Cricket 17, named after the Australian cricket legend, offers a realistic PC cricket experience. It features fluid controls for authentic batting, bowling, and fielding. The game includes enhancements like a reflex catching system, boundary slides, tap backs, and relay throws. Plus, it utilizes motion-captured cricketers across all game modes for lifelike animations.

Big Bash Boom is an exciting cricket game for PC gamers with a controller. It offers T20 cricket action with big-headed players and fully licensed teams from the Big Bash League and Rebel Women’s Big Bash League. Along with standard gameplay, it adds fun mechanics like powerups for sixes and over 60 unlockable cosmetics, from custom headwear to unique celebrations. (Note: Keyboard and mouse input are not supported.)

Cricket 19, a long-standing favorite on PC, offers an authentic cricket simulation with T20, ODIs, and test matches on national and international scales. Players can customize their own club, stadium, jerseys, and sponsor logos. The game features a career mode where players start as a rookie cricketer and lead their team to success. (Note: Like Big Bash Boom, Cricket 19 requires a controller for gameplay; keyboard and mouse input are not supported.)

For mobile gamers, there are also several cricket games that allow them to play and enjoy the Cricket World Cup experience:

Real Cricket™ 20 lets players become a part of their favorite team and player in the World Cup. Players can play realistic matches, face different World Cup scenarios, and even relive memorable moments to make their own cricket history.

Hitwicket Superstars Cricket allows players to become the captain of their team and lead them to World Cup glory. They can play 12 World Cup finals and choose from over 200 players who have participated in the tournament. Players can also create their own strategies and rewrite cricket history.

World Cricket Championship 3 lets players manage their team and make crucial decisions in the World Cup. They can simulate the tournament and guide their team to victory. In addition, the game offers the opportunity to play in famous stadiums and experience the World Cup atmosphere.

Stick Cricket Live 21 provides fast and fun multiplayer matches that capture the essence of the World Cup. Players can play in real-time against opponents from around the world and test their skills. They can also experience the intensity and excitement of World Cup clashes.

These PC and mobile games offer cricket fans a chance to immerse themselves in the excitement of the World Cup and experience the thrill of the game. Whether you are managing a team, playing as your favorite player, or competing against others, these games provide a virtual world where cricket enthusiasts can indulge in their passion for the sport and celebrate the World Cup in their own unique way.

So, grab your devices, choose your favorite game, and get ready to crush boundaries and lift that virtual trophy!

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