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Vincent Valentine Will Be an ‘Accompanying Character’ in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth

by Norman Scott

Vincent Valentine Confirmed as a Party Member in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 fans were thrilled to see the recent release of a new trailer for the highly anticipated game, Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth. The trailer showcased the exciting first appearance of Vincent Valentine, a beloved character from the original FF7, and left fans eager to learn more about his role in the upcoming game.

In an interview with IGN, director Naoki Hamaguchi confirmed that Vincent will indeed be a part of the party in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth. However, similar to Red XIII in the Remake, Vincent will be more of an accompanying character rather than a playable one. This means that players will have Vincent fighting alongside the party, but he won’t be controllable in battle or have his equipment changed.

While this may disappoint some fans who were hoping to fully experience Vincent’s abilities, it’s important to note that Red XIII eventually became playable in the Remake. This raises the possibility that Vincent may also join the group as a playable character in future installments of the Rebirth trilogy.

Vincent’s appearance in the new Rebirth trailer was warmly received by fans who have been eagerly awaiting any news about the game. Vincent’s popularity stems from his role as an optional party member in the original FF7. Players encountered Vincent in Nibelheim and he joined the party on a personal revenge mission. Vincent’s character was so well-received that he even received his own spinoff game, Dirge of Cerberus, although it didn’t receive the same level of acclaim as the original FF7.

The recent teaser for Rebirth showcased not only Vincent but also Cait Sith, the Gold Saucer, and other exciting elements of the game. According to Square Enix, Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth will feature a staggering 100 hours of content, making it a highly anticipated release for fans of the franchise. The game is currently scheduled for a February 29, 2024 release, initially as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

In addition to Vincent’s appearance, fans are also eagerly anticipating the inclusion of a specific scene teased by Square Enix. The developers have revealed that this scene is one fans have been “dying” to see, adding to the excitement surrounding the upcoming release.

The IGN interview also touched on other aspects of Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, including the role of Zack Fair and how chocobos will work in the game. Fans can catch up on the full interview on IGN’s website for more insights into the highly anticipated title.

As the release date for Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth draws closer, fans can look forward to more information and previews of the game. This latest trailer and confirmation of Vincent’s role have only heightened the anticipation, leaving fans eager to experience the next chapter in this beloved franchise.

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