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VirtualSignature-ID is category winner at this year’s Computing Cloud Excellence Awards

by Amelia Ramiro

VirtualSignature.com, a leading digital eSignature and ID verification platform, has been honored with the award for “Most Innovative Cloud Product or Service” at the prestigious Computing Cloud Excellence Awards in London.

The Computing Cloud Excellence Awards recognize the best cloud industry offerings in the United Kingdom. VirtualSignature-ID was chosen for its highly innovative and powerful eSignature and client onboarding platform that helps professional services firms integrate Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks into their workflows. The platform has been developed in collaboration with clients to ensure it meets stringent GDPR and regulatory compliance requirements, while also providing a seamless experience for both employees and end users.

David Kern, CEO of VirtualSignature-ID, expressed his delight at receiving the award. He praised his team’s hard work and emphasized the collaborative approach with clients that allowed them to understand their challenges and develop advanced features to meet their specific needs. Kern’s background in the technology and financial services industries has helped the company develop a robust solution.

VirtualSignature-ID recently secured funding through an oversubscribed EIS funding round and continues to gain recognition as a “best in class” solution. The company is also gaining market share as more professional firms switch to their award-winning platform.

VirtualSignature is assisting the legal, accounting, and property sectors with an affordable solution that seamlessly integrates with existing practice or document management systems. The platform helps significantly reduce risk by providing assurance about the identity of the signatories.

In conclusion, VirtualSignature.com’s innovative approach, collaborative efforts, and commitment to regulatory compliance have earned them the “Most Innovative Cloud Product or Service” award at the Computing Cloud Excellence Awards. With their advanced eSignature and client onboarding platform, VirtualSignature-ID continues to provide the professional services industry with a secure and efficient solution.

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