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Warzone Season 6 brings back fan-favorite Zombie game mode

by Norman Scott

Activision has announced exciting news for Call of Duty fans with the unveiling of the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Season 6 roadmap. One of the highlights of the upcoming season is the return of the popular Zombie Royale game mode.

The Season 6 update, titled The Haunting, embraces a Halloween theme. Along with the spooky atmosphere, the update introduces new operators inspired by iconic horror characters. Players can look forward to playing as Diablo 4’s antagonist Lilith, Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series, and Hellsing’s Alucard, among others.

In addition to the new operators, players will also have the opportunity to fight Diablo 4 mini-boss “The Butcher” in a new limited-time mode. The update also includes a nighttime version of the Al Mazrah map, adding an extra level of darkness and tension to matches.

Multiplayer modes and maps have also received a spooky makeover to fit the Halloween theme. This means players can expect thrilling and chilling experiences as they navigate through the transformed environments.

However, the highlight of Season 6 for many players will undoubtedly be the return of Zombies Royale in Warzone. The Zombie Royale game mode made its debut during the Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event in 2020 and was met with great acclaim. Instead of the traditional battle royale format, players turned into zombies when eliminated, creating a mini-outbreak within matches.

The concept of Zombie Royale was further expanded in the Rebirth of the Dead event in 2022, introducing more powers and abilities for the zombie players. This year’s Haunting event builds upon the previous iterations, combining the best elements from both events.

On September 21, Activision announced that the infamous limited-time mode will be making a comeback with new innovations and elements from past Zombies Royale experiences. This means players can expect even more thrilling and intense gameplay as they fight for survival and try to avoid becoming one of the undead.

Zombie Royale will be available as a game mode on the Al Mazrah and Vondel maps. Instead of going to the Gulag when eliminated, players will come back as zombies with special abilities. Their objective will be to collect syringes to revive as humans. As the match progresses, spectating operators will also return to life, adding more chaos to the already intense gameplay.

Even if a player is eliminated, they can still contribute to their team’s success as a zombie. The match ends when either the living or undead takes out everyone else, creating a thrilling finale.

Zombie Royale will go live on October 17 as part of Season 6 Reloaded. Players can look forward to a frightful and action-packed experience as they battle it out with both the living and the undead.

With the return of Zombie Royale and the Halloween-themed updates, Call of Duty fans have plenty to be excited about in the upcoming Season 6 of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone. Prepare for a hauntingly good time as you face off against zombies and embrace the spooky atmosphere.

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