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watchOS 10.0.2 Fixes Weather Complication Bug on Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2

by Maine Bacos

The watchOS 10.0.2 update has been released by Apple, addressing a bug with Weather complications on the Apple Watch. However, it seems that the fix is only available for the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2, the two devices that can receive the new software.

Multiple reports on the MacRumors forums confirm that watchOS 10.0.2 resolves the Weather complication bug. Those who do not have an Apple Watch Ultra 2 or an Apple Watch Series 9 will have to wait for Apple to release another watchOS update to fix the issue.

Since the launch of watchOS 10, Apple Watch owners have been complaining about malfunctioning Weather complications. Both the initial launch and watchOS 10.0.1 have been affected. Users have reported seeing a blank reading where the weather data should be displayed, although tapping into the Weather app shows the expected information.

Some users have found temporary solutions to fix the issue. One method involves opening the Watch app on the iPhone, toggling the 24-Hour Time switch in the Clock app Settings, and waiting a few seconds before toggling it back to the original position. Another workaround involves temporarily turning off Location Services on the iPhone and then toggling it back on after a short waiting period.

Unfortunately, these solutions have not worked for all users, suggesting that there may be no universal fix until another version of watchOS is released.

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Overall, the watchOS 10.0.2 update addresses a bug with Weather complications on specific Apple Watch models, while other users will have to wait for a future update to resolve the issue. Apple continues to provide software updates and improvements to enhance the user experience across its product lineup.

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