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Why It Is Stupid To Loot An Apple Store

by Maine Bacos

Stealing from an Apple store may seem like an easy way to get the latest iPhones and Apple devices without paying for them. After all, the devices are usually displayed on tables with minimal security. However, attempting to raid an Apple store is not only a dumb idea but also a futile one.

The iPhones that are openly displayed in the store are actually “demo units” running on Apple’s enterprise-grade device management operating system. This software renders the stolen devices useless as soon as they leave the store’s perimeter. So even if you manage to snatch a device, it will become disabled and inoperable the moment you step outside the store.

The real “loot” in an Apple store is securely stored in a room-sized safe equipped with electronic locks and numerous cameras. Successfully breaching this safe would require considerable skills and expertise, similar to robbing a bank. The level of security inside the store is far more advanced and sophisticated than what meets the eye.

A group of young people in Philadelphia recently learned this lesson the hard way when they looted the Apple Walnut Street Store, along with several other stores in the area. They believed they had scored big by stealing iPhones, unaware that the devices were now permanently locked. Moreover, the location of these stolen iPhones was continuously tracked, even if they were switched off. As a result, the police were able to apprehend 20 individuals involved in the theft.

Apple has the ability to remotely activate an alarm on stolen iPhones and display a message stating that the device has been disabled and is being tracked. The camera on the stolen device can also be activated, capturing videos or photos of the person holding the iPhone. In short, attempting to raid an Apple store will leave you with a disabled device that is not only tracking your location but also recording your activities.

While you may desperately try to figure out a way to reset the phone or seek “tech support,” the police could be closing in on your location. As a result, many individuals in Philadelphia abandoned their loot right outside the store, realizing the futility of their actions. Additionally, Apple’s products are insured against theft, so any losses incurred by the company are covered.

Apple maintains a strict shoplifting policy and collaborates closely with local law enforcement agencies to catch and apprehend thieves. They have their own software in place to track stolen devices, making it almost impossible to escape detection.

In conclusion, attempting to steal from an Apple store might seem like an easy and lucrative plan, but it is ultimately a foolish and pointless endeavor. The security measures, including advanced software, tracking capabilities, and camera surveillance, make it extremely challenging to get away with such theft. So, if you’re yearning for the latest iPhone, it’s better to save up and buy one legally, rather than facing the dire consequences of raiding an Apple store.

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