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Will Apple Release Any New iPads This Year?

by Kyle Meranda

Will Apple Release New iPads This Year?

Apple typically releases new iPads in the fall, but this year, there is uncertainty surrounding whether that tradition will continue. In recent years, Apple has held an annual fall event to launch new Macs and iPads. However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has recently indicated that he does not expect Apple to hold an October event this year due to a lack of new products and features to justify it.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t see new iPads from Apple before the end of the year, there are other signs hinting that new models may not be released until 2024. During their August earnings call, Apple warned that iPad revenue is expected to drop double digits, suggesting that they do not anticipate having new products to entice customers during the holiday quarter. Additionally, established Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that major new iPad launches are not expected until 2024, with the next iPad mini likely entering mass production in the first quarter of that year.

However, despite these signals, there remains a possibility that we could still see new iPads this year. In an article discussing global tablet demand, DigiTimes mentioned that investors expected an uptick in Apple’s share of the tablet market in the fourth quarter due to orders for a “small-size” iPad. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also reported earlier this year that an update to the iPad mini with a minor “spec bump” is not out of the question.

If Apple follows its previous update patterns, the iPad Air, last updated in March 2022 with the M1 chip, could be updated with the M2 chip in October 2023. However, considering Kuo’s statement about the possibility of no new iPads released this year, a 2024 launch cannot be ruled out.

It’s also worth noting that Apple has updated the entry-level iPad on an annual basis since 2017, so there will either be an 11th-generation iPad released later this year, or Apple will break a six-year tradition.

In conclusion, while there is uncertainty surrounding the release of new iPads this year, it is possible that at least one iPad model, such as the iPad mini, iPad Air, or the 11th-generation low-cost iPad, may be unveiled in October. However, these updates are expected to be minor, and the possibility of 2024 launches should not be ruled out.

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