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XCOM meets Company of Heroes in stunning new WW2 strategy game

by Gamerx Ramiro

The Troop: A New WW2 Strategy Game that Puts Tactics and Realism First

When it comes to real-time strategy (RTS) and strategy games, players often find themselves caught in a dilemma. As the battles grow larger and more widespread, it becomes difficult to manage attention and connect with the emotional aspect of the game. However, a new game called The Troop aims to change that by offering a close-quarters, tactics-driven experience that brings back the drama and emotional connection to the battlefield.

Focusing exclusively on the D-Day campaign, The Troop is a World War II strategy game where players command a small number of units in high-intensity, tactical-scale skirmishes and battles. Unlike other strategy games that focus on conquering entire nations, the objective in The Troop is to capture a single machine gun emplacement or successfully maneuver a handful of tanks through a small French village.

After almost two years in early access, The Troop is now gearing up for a full release on Steam. To learn more about the game, PCGamesN had an exclusive interview with Tom Page, the studio director at PLA Studios. According to Page, the game aims to strike a balance between historical accuracy, tactical realism, and visual appeal.

In The Troop, players will have three different modes to choose from. The Story mode allows players to experience the entire D-Day and post D-Day campaign from the perspective of different Allied or Axis units. With over 30 missions, players will be able to storm the beaches, push through towns and hedgerows, and fight to advance or hold the line.

The Campaign mode, on the other hand, offers a more intense experience. Players will control a single company or platoon throughout the entire campaign, meaning that casualties and losses can have serious consequences. Lastly, the Skirmish mode provides a more freeform experience where players can customize their forces and choose their units for battle.

Unlike other strategy games, The Troop emphasizes the importance of every unit and every move. Building up a massive force and relying on sheer numbers is not a winning strategy. Instead, players must carefully plan and deliberate their actions as they control approximately 15 individuals divided between tanks and infantry squads.

Tom Page explains that the smaller scale and tactical nature of the game make it more engaging and immersive. The focus on individual stories and experiences allows players to connect with the soldiers on a personal level, rather than getting lost in the numbers.

The Troop is set to release on October 18, 2023. However, players can already try the game through a free Steam download. If you enjoy intense, tactics-driven combat that delves into history and values the emotional impact of individual lives and decisions, The Troop is a game you don’t want to miss.

While waiting for The Troop’s full release, be sure to check out other top RTS games and the best World War II games ever made. The Troop promises to be a unique and immersive addition to the genre, offering a fresh perspective on the strategy game experience.

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