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YouTube is going all in on AI with background and video topic suggestions

by Joey De Leon

YouTube is ramping up its efforts in generative AI to assist content creators on its platform. At the recent Made on YouTube event, the video platform unveiled several AI-powered tools that will be rolled out in the coming months. These tools include AI-generated photo and video backgrounds, AI video topic suggestions, music search, and AI dubbing.

One of the highlights is a new feature called Dream Screen, which allows creators to generate AI-based videos and photos to be used as backgrounds in YouTube Shorts. Initially, creators will be able to input prompts to generate backgrounds, but eventually, they will have the ability to remix and edit their existing content using AI tools, opening up endless possibilities for creativity.

The AI tools don’t stop there. YouTube Studio will introduce an AI feature that generates personalized topic ideas and outlines for creators based on what is currently trending with audiences. Additionally, an AI-powered music recommendation system will help creators find suitable audio for their videos by analyzing written descriptions.

The introduction of AI-generated content on YouTube reflects the growing trend of utilizing generative AI tools in content creation. YouTube’s parent company, Google, has been investing heavily in generative AI systems, with YouTube slowly integrating AI-powered features such as video summaries. Even Google Search is testing the use of AI-generated search results through the Search Generative Experience.

These new AI-powered tools on YouTube have the potential to redefine how creators plan, produce, and structure their content. AI-driven insights will shape the type of content creators focus on, and AI-generated content will become more prevalent. In response to the rise of convincing synthetic material, platforms like TikTok have already introduced labels to identify AI-generated content. It remains to be seen how YouTube will address the challenges and concerns that may arise from the increasing use of AI in content creation.

In addition to these AI-powered tools, YouTube is also streamlining the process of creating Shorts with the announcement of the YouTube Create app.

As YouTube embraces generative AI, it is clear that the landscape of content creation is evolving. Creators will have access to powerful AI tools that can enhance their content, provide new creative possibilities, and potentially drive greater engagement from their audience.

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