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Apple could be forced to yank some of the world’s most popular apps from the Chinese App Store

by Kyle Meranda

Chinese iPhone Users May Lose Access to Popular Apps Due to New Regulations

Chinese iPhone owners may face the prospect of losing access to some of the world’s most popular apps next year. This is due to new laws expected to be implemented in China, which could force Apple to remove these apps from the Chinese App Store by July 2024.

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and X are already blocked in China, but iPhone and iPad users can still download them through the App Store. With the help of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), users can bypass China’s internet censorship, a practice that has become increasingly common among the younger population. However, the new regulations may put an end to this workaround.

If Apple fails to reach a favorable agreement with the Chinese government, all the aforementioned apps and more will be removed from the App Store in China. This will effectively prevent users from downloading and accessing them.

China has long maintained strict control over internet access in the country, blocking numerous Western websites and services, a policy known as the “Great Firewall.” VPN usage has allowed individuals to circumvent these restrictions. However, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the new law could make it impossible for Apple to make these apps available in China, even through VPNs. Apple is currently in discussions with the Chinese government to address the potential impact on its users.

The report reveals that officials have informed Apple that it must enforce rules that prohibit unregistered foreign apps. This has raised concerns among Apple employees about how these rules will be implemented and the impact they will have on users.

In the event that unregistered apps need to be removed from the App Store, their developers will have the option to register and comply with the regulations to be reinstated. However, it is likely that some apps will be denied registration, effectively resulting in a ban.

China first announced its intention to prevent the usage of unregistered apps two months ago, with the law set to be enforced by July 2024.

As iPhones do not currently allow apps to be sideloaded (installed from sources outside the App Store), Chinese users may be left with no choice but to switch to Android devices if they wish to continue using popular Western services such as Facebook, X, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

The potential loss of access to these apps highlights the ongoing tension between China’s government and foreign tech companies, as well as the challenges faced by Apple in navigating China’s strict regulations. Only time will tell how this issue will ultimately be resolved and its impact on Chinese iPhone users.

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