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Everything Microsoft unveiled at its Surface and AI event this week

by Joey De Leon

Bing Chat Adds New Features to Enhance User Experience

Bing Chat, Microsoft’s chat platform, has hit a significant milestone, reaching over one billion chats since its inception. Now, Microsoft is rolling out new features to further improve the user experience. With two major updates, Personalized Answers and the integration of DALLE-3 into Bing’s Image Creator, users can expect a more tailored and efficient experience.

The Personalized Answers feature is designed to leverage users’ search history to provide context and improve search results. By referencing your previous searches, Bing Chat can understand your preferences and tailor its responses accordingly. This means that when you ask for a book suggestion, for example, Bing Chat will automatically search for books within your preferred genre if you have previously indicated a preference for romance novels. This feature eliminates the need to repeat information and allows for broader prompts.

Another important update is the integration of DALLE-3 into Bing’s Image Creator. With this new upgrade, users will experience faster and more reliable image generation. Describing an image to Bing Image Creator will now yield even better results, with a better understanding of prompts. The integration of DALLE-3 is expected to enhance the overall quality of image generations, addressing common issues such as distorted hands and blurry details often encountered in AI-generated images.

To demonstrate the improvements, a side-by-side comparison of the original Bing Image Generator and the updated version showcased significantly better output with the latter. Additionally, Bing Image Generator will now feature content credentials, making it easier for users to distinguish between AI-generated and real images.

Another new addition to Bing Chat is “Microsoft Shopping,” a feature that offers users an enhanced shopping experience. Acting as a personal shopper, Microsoft Shopping asks users about their preferences and needs to provide tailored product suggestions and buying advice. Users can narrow down their choices and even access a table comparing different products’ specs and prices to aid decision-making.

Microsoft Shopping can be accessed as a standalone site or integrated into Edge and Bing Chat. Notably, using the feature within the Edge browser provides additional shopping tools, including price trends and coupons, similar to popular browser extensions like RetailMeNot and Honey.

For enterprise users, Bing Chat Enterprise is introducing a suite of new tools, including mobile integration. Bing Chat Enterprise will now support images within enterprises and offer multimodal search powered by GPT-4 and Bing Image Generator.

With these new updates, Bing Chat is poised to offer users a more personalized and efficient search experience, as well as a comprehensive shopping platform. Microsoft’s focus on enhancing AI capabilities and user engagement highlights its commitment to continually improving its products and services.

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