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iPad mini 7 still on track for the coming months, new iPad Air, more

by Kyle Meranda

Apple is reportedly planning to release multiple new iPads in the coming months, including the iPad mini 7 and two new iPad Air models. The rumors surrounding the release of new iPads have been conflicting, but sources have now revealed that Apple has plans for these new devices.

The iPad mini 7 is expected to keep the same design as the current generation but will come with a faster chip. The current iPad mini 6 was launched in September 2021 with the A15 Bionic chip, the same as the iPhone 13. Apple is also working on an updated version of the entry-level iPad, which will likely only receive spec upgrades compared to the current model.

For the iPad Air, Apple has been experimenting with two new versions, codenamed J507 and J508. These models are expected to replace the current iPad Air 5 and will come with a new chip. There are also other iPads in the works, identified as J537 and J538, which suggests that Apple may introduce a larger version of the iPad Air or a more expensive model with better specs.

In addition to the iPads, Apple is reportedly developing a new Magic Keyboard for the iPad. The new version will have an aluminum structure instead of plastic and will feature a larger trackpad. It is expected to be unveiled alongside the new iPad Pro.

All the new iPads are said to be on track for release with a future version of iPadOS 17. This means that they should be announced sometime between now and WWDC 2024 in June.

Overall, Apple has exciting plans for its iPad lineup, with the introduction of new models and updated features. Apple fans can look forward to an improved iPad mini, new iPad Air models, and a redesigned Magic Keyboard in the coming months.

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