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Multiple users report issues with Apple CarPlay via iPhone 15, USB-C cable likely culprit

by Maine Bacos

Apple CarPlay users with the new iPhone 15 are reporting compatibility issues that are causing frustration and inconvenience. According to users on platforms such as Reddit and MacRumors, the problems seem to be related to the compatibility of certain USB-C cables with the iPhone 15.

Most cars on the road, including new models, use a USB-A port to connect phones to the car’s computer system for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto functionality. However, some iPhone 15 users have discovered that while a USB-A to USB-C cable will charge their phone, the car does not recognize that an iPhone is connected and does not activate Apple CarPlay.

The situation becomes even more perplexing as some users have found that certain brands of cables, such as Belkin, Apple, and even Nintendo, work fine in their vehicles, while others experience no luck with any brand of cable. In some instances, users have reported that they cannot even connect their iPhone 15 to their car using Apple’s official cable.

MacRumors reports that Apple is aware of the issue and is currently working on a fix. However, until the fix is released, users may have to resort to finding a high-quality USB cable that supports both charging and data transfer from a reputable brand. Some users have also had success by experimenting with multiple cables from different brands.

Even users who have opted for wireless CarPlay connections may be affected. One MacRumors user pointed out that if their iPhone 15 is connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network), their wireless CarPlay connection fails to work. Disabling the VPN allows CarPlay to function without issue, but once the VPN connection is re-established, CarPlay crashes, even if it was working fine before enabling the VPN.

In the meantime, for those struggling with USB connectivity issues, purchasing a Belkin USB-A to USB-C cable from Amazon has proven to be a reliable option.

Sam Medley, a senior tech writer at Notebookcheck, recommends using USB cables that support charging and data transfer simultaneously. Medley has been writing for Notebookcheck since 2016 and specializes in consumer guidance, video gaming, and innovative gadgets.

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