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Beloved co-op game Deep Rock Galactic is back, as a roguelike

by Gamerx Ramiro

Deep Rock Galactic: A New Adventure with Rogue Core

Deep Rock Galactic is a game that has captured the hearts of gamers with its unique blend of mining and cooperative gameplay. It has created a passionate community that never fails to unite in a powerful phrase, “Rock and Stone!” Now, a new game called Deep Rock Galactic Rogue Core takes this beloved concept and adds a new twist, offering players a four-player FPS roguelite experience.

Deep Rock Galactic Rogue Core is a standalone game that builds upon the original Deep Rock Galactic. It incorporates elements of roguelike games, where players do not carry over their upgraded gear from one mission to the next. Instead, each mission starts with basic gear, and players must build up their powers and abilities as they progress.

The game takes place when the Deep Rock Galactic mining company sets up covert operations on Hoxxes IV to search for a valuable mineral called ‘Expenite.’ However, the dig sites soon go dark, and all contact is lost. You and your team are the Reclaimers, an elite crew tasked with bringing the sites back online, uncovering the cause of ‘The Greyout,’ and preventing further troubles.

In Deep Rock Galactic Rogue Core, as you embark on missions, you choose a Phase Suit with an active ability and one of the unique Reclaimer weapons. Upon landing, you must carve your way through the Greyout barrier, which serves as a one-way entrance point. Throughout the mission, you can share salvaged equipment and weapons with your crew, and finding Expenite deposits allows you to unlock temporary upgrades.

The deeper you dig, the more powerful you become, but also the more dangerous the exploration becomes. Your ultimate goal is to reclaim the dig site at the very Core. Between missions, you can unlock new Reclaimer weapons, Phase Suits, and Suit Mods, which can appear on future runs.

While Deep Rock Galactic Rogue Core is not ready for launch yet, developer Ghost Ship Games plans to have an extensive early access period. This initial announcement marks the beginning of ‘open development,’ which involves inviting players to join the development journey from the earliest stage. Ghost Ship Games believes that this process will make the game even better and invites interested players to join.

As the game approaches release, there will be opportunities for closed alpha testing. Once it enters Steam Early Access, players will be able to purchase the game at a reduced price reflecting its unfinished state, similar to the original Deep Rock Galactic. Ghost Ship Games expects the early access period to last between 18 to 24 months, signaling that the full game will not be available for a few years.

Deep Rock Galactic Rogue Core is set to launch via Steam Early Access, although no specific release date has been announced yet. If you are curious about joining the development journey, you can wishlist it on Steam and follow its progress. In the meantime, the original Deep Rock Galactic remains one of the most enjoyable co-op games on PC and is also available through Microsoft’s PC Game Pass library.

So, why not give Deep Rock Galactic a try? Perhaps one day you will find yourself raising your pickaxe and shouting, “Rock and Stone!” alongside the passionate community. And if you’re looking for more gaming adventures, don’t forget to check out the best upcoming games for the rest of 2023 and beyond, or explore the thrilling world of FPS games for some immediate action.

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