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Payday 3 dev “extremely sorry” for delaying major patch

by Gamerx Ramiro

Payday 3, the highly anticipated third entry in the iconic shooter game series, has faced a rocky launch. Fans of the series have encountered numerous issues, particularly with accessing multiplayer servers. Developer Starbreeze Entertainment was quick to address these problems and announced plans for major patches to improve the game’s online performance. However, a highly anticipated update has been delayed.

The rough launch of Payday 3 has been no secret. Players have struggled to play online, leading to backlash from the fanbase. In response, Starbreeze announced various multiplayer upgrades to help resolve the connection issues. The developer also promised new heists for players to look forward to in content updates.

Unfortunately, a major patch that was intended to address a variety of bugs has been delayed. Starbreeze apologized for the delay and stated that the patch needed more time to ensure stability. The developer mentioned that the patch required some changes that would necessitate going through console certification again. Additionally, the team would need to conduct server maintenance over a few days.

The server maintenance window is scheduled between October 6th and October 10th. Starbreeze hopes that these minor fixes will improve online play until the big patch is released later in October.

While players wait for the highly anticipated Payday 3 patch, there are various other crime games they can try. PCGamesN has compiled a list of favorite crime games to keep players entertained while they wait. Virtual crimes can be just as fun as experiencing them in real life. Alternatively, players can explore a roundup of fun co-op games to enjoy with friends.

Despite the initial issues faced by Payday 3, fans remain hopeful that the upcoming patches will resolve the game’s problems and deliver the enjoyable experience they have been eagerly anticipating.

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