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One of 2023’s best indie games just got a huge expansion

by Gamerx Ramiro

Dredge, the indie game that took me by surprise, has become one of my favorites this year. Combining Lovecraftian horror with the unexpected element of fishing, this game offers a unique and captivating experience. And now, Black Salt Games has announced an exciting new expansion for Dredge called The Pale Reach, taking players to even icier depths.

As an avid fan of Dredge, I have eagerly awaited more story content, and The Pale Reach expansion promises to deliver just that. According to Black Salt, the DLC offers a few more hours of gameplay that can be enjoyed at any point in your playthrough. This means you can delve deeper into the creepy, crawly world of Dredge whenever you choose.

But that’s not all; The Pale Reach expansion brings new crab species and fish for players to catch. In addition, there are three pieces of equipment to aid in capturing these underwater creatures. Plus, players can even craft a special boat add-on that allows them to break through the ice and reach new fishing spots. To ensure your new catches stay fresh, you can purchase ice blocks to keep the fish from rotting.

If you’re excited to explore the mysteries hidden beneath the icy surface of The Pale Reach, mark your calendars for Thursday, November 16. The expansion will be available for purchase on Steam, where you can also wishlist it to ensure you don’t miss its release. Although the price for the DLC has not yet been announced, it is expected to be lower than the base game, which is priced at £21.99 / $24.99.

Personally, I can’t wait to dive right into The Pale Reach, partly because it will boost my achievement count. The expansion introduces eight new locked achievements, providing a challenge for dedicated players to aim for a perfect 100% completion status in Dredge.

If you are a fan of Dredge’s Lovecraftian themes and creepy setting, you might also be interested in exploring other horror games. This is the perfect time, as Halloween season is upon us. Alternatively, for those who enjoy the exploration aspect of Dredge, you can check out some of our favorite adventure games.

So, prepare to venture into the chilling depths of The Pale Reach and unravel the bitter betrayals and mysteries that lie beneath the ice. Dredge’s new expansion promises to deliver more hours of captivating gameplay and expand upon the unique blend of horror and fishing that has made this indie gem a standout release.

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