Home Computing EXHIBITOR PROFILE: Rugged computing and anti-tamper solutions from Crystal Group featured at AUSA

EXHIBITOR PROFILE: Rugged computing and anti-tamper solutions from Crystal Group featured at AUSA

by Amelia Ramiro
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In the example provided, the

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The article starts with an image placed within a

element. This image showcases the rugged compute solutions provided by Crystal Group. The image is followed by a heading, which introduces the company’s offerings.

The first product mentioned is the RE3423M rugged sealed server. This server is designed to meet high-performance requirements in harsh environments. It is sealed to protect against water and dust ingress, and it can operate reliably at high temperatures. The article highlights the use of Intel Xeon Scalable processors and NVIDIA professional graphics cards in this server.

The next product is the TAZR Embedded Device, which adds tamper detection, zeroization, and sanitization functionality to Crystal Group’s modular products. This device helps protect sensitive data by neutralizing it before it can be compromised. The article mentions that the TAZR device can be configured to meet various security requirements.

The third product mentioned is the RE2500 Series Portable Workstation Computer. This computer offers failsafe performance in extreme conditions. It is housed in a waterproof case for easy transportation and has flexible configuration options. The article mentions that it is a cybersecurity-compliant workstation.

At the end of the article, there is a section featuring companies. Crystal Group is the featured company, and its logo is displayed within a company card. This section may provide links to other related companies or sponsors.

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element in this article allows for the organization and structuring of content related to the Crystal Group. It helps create a visually appealing and well-arranged webpage that effectively showcases the company’s products and features.

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