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Gboard removes ‘Keyboard height’ setting for ‘Resize’

by Maine Bacos

Gboard, the popular keyboard app for Android devices, has recently made some changes to its customization options. In a recent update, Gboard has removed the “Keyboard height” setting, which allowed users to adjust the height of the keyboard in seven different increments.

Previously, users could choose from options like Extra-short, Short, Mid-short, Normal, Mid-Tall, Tall, and Extra-tall to customize the keyboard’s height. However, with the latest update, these fixed height options have been replaced with a more visual way to customize the keyboard’s appearance.

The new customization feature, called “Resize,” can be found in the Gboard toolbar/shortcuts page. Instead of choosing from fixed height increments, users can now adjust the height of the keyboard by dragging two pull tabs at the top and bottom of the screen. This allows for more precise adjustments and gives users the flexibility to place the keys higher or leave a gap between the space bar and the system home bar.

While the new Resize feature offers a more visually friendly way to customize the keyboard, it may be slightly inconvenient for users who want to maintain the same height across multiple devices. The lack of fixed increments could make it challenging to replicate the exact height settings on different devices, especially when transitioning to a new device.

These changes are currently available in the latest Gboard beta version 13.4.08. Additionally, Pixel devices are also seeing the return of the Proofread option, which was officially announced for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

Overall, the removal of the “Keyboard height” setting in Gboard and the introduction of the Resize feature provides users with a more flexible and visually appealing way to customize their keyboard. While it may take some time for users to adjust to the new method, it offers greater control over the appearance and layout of the keyboard.

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